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The Science of Storytelling
November 20, 2022

Sugar-sweetened beverages and COVID-19. Gun violence and teenage sex. What they share is that each can lead to dangerous health consequences. Data-driven science shows us how in each case, the cause l

In Arkansas and Michigan, Voters “Defund” Public Libraries
November 18, 2022

In the US election this month, books bans and public school teaching restrictions remained hot button issues, according to Andrew Albanese, Publishers Weekly senior writer.

Cader Unravels Judge Pan’s Ruling To Block PRH/S&S Merger
November 13, 2022

For a close reading of Judge Florence Pans ruling to block Penguin Random Houses proposed acquisition of Simon & Schuster, CCCs Chris Kenneally spoke with Michael Cader of Publishers Lunch.

Judge Pan Releases Antitrust Publishing Case Opinion
November 11, 2022

With one especially dominant firm in the market, there would be fewer bidders for book rights with negative impact on negotiations for those rights.

Making E-Books Accessible
November 06, 2022

The trick to making ebooks accessible and even beautiful is to think of them as software, says Jens Trger, Bookalope founder.

Court Blocks Penguin Random House Acquisition of Simon & Schuster
November 04, 2022

Upon review of the extensive record and careful consideration of the parties arguments, the government successfully showed that the effect of the proposed merger, may be to substantially to lessen

Making College (Textbooks) Affordable
October 30, 2022

Publishers and universities are developing innovative business models for publishing and selling textbooks to help more students afford college in their chosen fields of study.

Downturn for Book Business?
October 28, 2022

Supply chain issues have troubled book publishers since the pandemic began over two and a half years ago. As 2022 nears its end, the logistics gremlins are dramatically showing up in the bottom line.

Data Quality Imperative
October 23, 2022

Data quality is fundamental in a data-driven decision-making world

A “Giddy Gratitude” at Frankfurt Book Fair
October 21, 2022

The worlds largest publishing conference returned to the famous Frankfurter Messe this week.