#BetterFaster Podcast

#BetterFaster Podcast

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Eric Folmar - Finding Effective Ways To Connect With Your Patients
May 25, 2022

Eric Folmar, current President of the APTA Massachusetts, sits down with Dr. Michelle Collie to discuss the importance of finding the right ways to connect with your patients

Kelly Starrett - Shifting the Narrative of Pain in the Digital Age
May 10, 2022

How to determine a more individualized, well-rounded plan of care

Brian Kight - Why Embracing Change Can Be Difficult
April 26, 2022

BK discusses how people deal with change in their lives, and how you can train your behavior to be better at it. He also touches on why being outside of our comfort zone is where we need to thrive.

Drew Contreras - An Army PT’s Perspective On Patient Care & Clinician Self-Care
April 12, 2022

Dr. Drew Contreras PT, DPT, SCS is the American Physical Therapy Association’s VP of Clinical Innovation and has also served as the physical therapist to Presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

#BetterFaster Podcast - Summer Series - Episode 1 - Preventing Injuries This Summer
July 15, 2021

In the first episode of the #BetterFaster Summer Series, Dr. Michelle Collie is joined by 5 different types of movement experts to discuss ways to prevent injuries during your summer activities.

Integrating Yoga & Breathing Into Your Functional Movement | Dr. Kelly Dowd | Brighter Days Through Better Movement
June 15, 2021

Dr. Kelly Dowd PT, DPT is sharing her favorites ways to get started with meditation, the benefits of a gratitude practice, and incorporating principles of yoga into your workouts, warm-ups, and cool-downs.

Brighter Days Through Better Movement | Dr. Jake Broccolo | Exploring New Fitness Activities
June 03, 2021

Dr. Jake Broccolo PT, DPT joins Dr. Michelle Collie in a conversation about how to find the right fitness activity for you!

Brighter Days Through Better Movement | What's Really Causing Your Pain? | Dr. Jordan Madigan
May 27, 2021

Dr. Jordan Madigan PT, DPT joins Dr. Michelle Collie in a conversation about getting back to the swing of golf and how your habits can affect your body's level of pain

Brighter Days Through Better Movement - Dr. William Campion - Using Mindfulness In Strength Training
May 20, 2021

Dr. Will Campion III PT, DPT will share his tips for strength training and how not to ruin your homemade pizza!