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Today’s Retail
October 02, 2019

Get ready to wrap up our Retail Therapy with our panel of dynamic subject matter experts. In previous episodes we learned how important retail is to the overall economy and that our guests all agreed that there is no Retail Apocalypse,

Boldly Going
September 18, 2019

Brand, experience, customer foreknowledge – oh my! It all advice Halie LeSavage, Retail Editor at the Morning Brew provides to retailers on this insightful episode. Don’t miss this last segment of our Retail Therapy series.

I Shop. Therefore I Am.
September 04, 2019

“The stronger the retail sector, the stronger our economy,” Michael Londrigan, Professor of Graduate Studies at LIM College shares. When news of store closures inundate us over and over again, should we worry about the future of retail and our marketpl...

Retail Therapy: A Tale of Two Retails
August 21, 2019

It was the worst of times. It was the best of times. Well, for retailers, which one is it? Is the industry in a tug of war of experiencing both? Mark Mathews, VP of Research Development & Industry Analysis at the National Retail Federation sits with us...

Companies with a Conscience
August 07, 2019

On this episode of Better Series, Rodd Wagner, Forbes Columnist, Author, and Researcher, shares the one must-have all companies need in order to cultivate a happy work culture. Wagner, with no apologies, helps us see that this one spark makes all the d...

Leaders, No More Talking to Self
July 24, 2019

Communication skills are vital in the business world. From interacting with customers, employees, and other key stakeholders, business leaders abilities to effectively communicate speaks volumes to those invested in the company.

Evolution of Our Social World
July 10, 2019

On this episode of the Better Series Erik Qualman, Motivational Speaker & Bestselling Author and owner of Equalman talks about how changes and advancements in technology are continually shaping the world around us. Listen in to learn more

BBB AUTO LINE: A BBB National Program
June 26, 2019

Dispute resolution may sound deceptively simple, but let’s not be fooled. Listen in as Juan Herrera, National Director of Dispute Resolution Programs at BBB AUTO LINE explains the intricacies of dispute resolutions as it relates to cars.    

The ABC’s of Cybersecurity
June 12, 2019

Are you ready for the ABC’s and 123’s of Cybersecurity? John Matthew Holt, Founder & CTO of Waratek schools businesses in a great lesson of understanding the basics of protecting your cyber environment. Listen in!

Businesses, It’s Time to Stay Safe Online
May 29, 2019

It’s time to digitally spring clean before summer officially arrives. What does it mean to be digitally clean? Kelvin Coleman, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance stops by the Better Series podcast to help small businesses unders...