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048 – The robots are coming. Are you ready? – part 2
September 07, 2020

Here comes part 2 of Lori and Will's discussion about A.I. and automation. If you enjoy these podcasts, please take a moment and rate or review. You can find the full transcript at - TRANSCRIPT PREVIEW -

047 – The robots are coming. Are you ready?
September 01, 2020

A study predicts that all human tasks could be automated in the next 30 years. And that all human jobs might be replaced within the next 100 years or so. Holy crap! What will we do when the robots take over? A.I. is coming. The robots are coming.

The robots are coming – pre-listening task
August 29, 2020

Hi English learners! Lori here, your teacher from better at English dot com. This little update is just to let you know that new Real English Conversations are coming. I know you love the conversations, and I do love making them for you,

046 – Five American English slang expressions
August 18, 2020

Hey there English learners, Lori here, your teacher from I've got a different type of episode here for you today. I'm gonna go through some American English slang expressions, some really common ones that you hear all the time if y...

045 – Stupid English grammar rules – is it OK to break them?
August 10, 2020

The data is clear: some English grammar rules are stupid. - Is it ever OK to make a grammar "mistake" on purpose? Is it ever OK to know a grammar rule and break it anyway, even when you know that some people will strongly disapprove? -

044 – A very embarrassing mistake
August 02, 2020

Hi English learners! Lori here, your teacher from Better at English dot com. - It's story time here today, something I don't think I've done here on the podcast before. I'm going to use natural English, but will try to speak just a little more carefu...

043 – Real English conversations: Lori scores a year’s supply of toilet paper (archive)
June 26, 2017

A funny thing happened today when Lori was shopping for office supplies, and it involves an industrial-sized package of toilet paper rolls.

042 – Make the Most of your Motivation part 2 of 2 – Real English Conversations
April 13, 2017

Introduction Hi English learners! Lori here, your teacher from Last week I shared the first part of a cool conversation I had with Dr. BJ Fogg, all about making the most of your motivation. Today you’ll be hearing part two,

041 – Make the most of your motivation – a conversation with BJ Fogg (part 1 of 2)
March 28, 2017

What can you do when you're not feeling motivated? What is the best way to use your motivation when you ARE motivated? Find out in this episode of Real English Conversations from Better at English. Lori talks to Dr.

040 – Daily Rituals part 5 of 5 – Real English Conversations
March 19, 2017

The fifth and final part of Lori and Kyla's discussion of the Book "Daily Rituals" by Mason Currey. Email, structuring your day, and high fives for getting stuff done.