Betrayal Trauma Recovery

Betrayal Trauma Recovery

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Dating After Betrayal: 3 Tips For Protecting Yourself From Porn Users
October 20, 2020

Victims of betrayal and emotional abuse may be concerned about dating after an abusive relationship. Jessica Skybar offers empowering tips.

“I Asked About His Porn Use, And He Lied”
October 13, 2020

What to do when your husband lies to you about his pornography use.

You Are A SHEro: Lundy Bancroft On Why You Are Crucial
October 06, 2020

Lundy Bancroft shares how victims of abuse are betrayed by faith communities, court systems, and others. Women can triumph over trauma and regain their sense of self. BTR can help.

Why Domestic Abuse is Child Abuse: Lundy Bancroft Tells All
September 29, 2020

Children are always affected by an abuser's behavior, even if they never see it. Victims are not powerless. Lundy Bancroft explains how mothers can protect and help their children process and heal from abuse.

5 Validating Truths About Emotional Abuse You Deserve To Hear Today
September 22, 2020

Victims of emotional abuse are stronger, smarter, and more capable than their abusers want them to think. These 5 truths help women find strength and safety.

7 Powerful Truths About Emotional Abuse You Need to Know Today
September 15, 2020

Myths about emotional abuse enable abusers to keep abusing victims. The 7 Powerful Truths About Emotional Abuse help victims find safety.

Why Does Sex Hurt? (It’s Not What You Think)
September 08, 2020

Sexual abuse causes pelvic and sexual pain. Learn how to identify sexual abuse in your marriage and begin healing today.

Uncover 3 Disturbing Tactics Emotional Abusers Use & Stop The Cycle
September 01, 2020

When victims can identify abuse, they can make informed decisions about their safety and health. Learn 3 tactics abusers use, and why they are so powerful.

You Are Not Crazy: Pornography Is Emotional Abuse
August 25, 2020

Victims of abusive pornography users may wonder if they are overreacting, but they aren't: pornography use is abusive. Support, safety, and self-care can help women find healing.

Is Pornography A Public Health Crisis?
August 18, 2020

Pornography is a human rights issue, an abuse issue, and a public health crisis.