Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

Be-YOU-tiful Adaptive Warrior

A Day in the Life of an Amputee

February 08, 2023
Walking a Mile in My Leg



You never really know what people are going through, and the idea of “walking a mile in someone else’s shoes” is how we best “try” to understand and empathize or learn from their journey.

Join me today as I walk you through a typical day of being an amputee (pun intended), from what my mornings look like to midnight runs to the bathroom and everything in between.

Some days are easier to deal with but there are days that can really test my perseverance and fortitude.

Staying focused on the positives and finding ways to distract myself when times get tough can be a challenge, but I take you through how I run my days, and how routine can help me get through days I’m just not feeling it.

I also talk about items that help me make complicated tasks easier to complete and how to travel with just carry-on baggage despite all that I need for travel.

Walk in my leg for a day and experience being an amputee through my eyes.

This week just find the positive on what you are dealing with. Find the silver lining and enjoy it!  Remember there is always something positive, or good, in your life.  When you realize what you have you will be better able to handle the days when times get tough and push you to your limits…. and NEVER give up!

Have a blessed week, and until next time, as always,

Be Healthy,
Be Happy,
Be YOU!!!

Much love,