Baton Twirling Podcast

Baton Twirling Podcast

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World Baton Twirling Day
April 10, 2021

Its World Baton Twirling Day! Grab your batons, reminisce a bit, and upload your favorite pics!

38: Brook Benten - Fitness Professional
September 04, 2020

Brook has tips on creating videos, keeping active, and we learn about her amazing journey to become a fitness professional.

37: Diane Cunningham Ellis - Entrepreneur and Women Mentor
July 30, 2020

I met Diane about 20 years ago. I will always remember the first time I met her, and I was so inspired by her drive to be amazing for everyone, but specifically women. Diane went on to run multiple businesses and has currently launched a membership...

36: 2019 College Miss Majorette of America - Sabrina Smith
July 23, 2020

We should have been landing in South Bend, Indiana this week for the baton twirling nationals competition. Instead, we have gathered online to share memories of past competitions. I feel this interview is so appropriate for this week especially as...

35: Erin Bradley: CEO of Zyia Active
July 16, 2020

I have always believed if you don't ask, the answer is no anyway. I recently signed up to sell Zyia Active, and everything in life has changed! I reached out to the CEO of the company to see if she would be willing to do a podcast episode with me, and...

Diane Cunningham Ellis - Entrepreneur and Women Mentor
July 13, 2020

Back when I was in high school, Diane was a huge influence in my life as a Christian and leader of women. I have always admired her can-do attitude, her ambition for life, and her story. After years of seeing posts here and there on Facebook, I saw...

34: The Marketing Guru - Steve Larsen
June 25, 2020

Steve Larsen has helped thousands of people make millions of dollars, but can he help baton twirlers? Listen to this episode to see what he has to say about our sport.

33: Twirlers vs. Band Directors Part 2: Professor Jay Rees of the U of Miami
May 29, 2020

Professor Rees gives us more ideas about twirling through other avenues other than the football field. Many former college twirlers would give the same advice about where to twirl, and to JUST ASK! Enjoy part 2 of this episode!

32: Twirlers vs Band Directors: Jay Rees - U of Miami
May 21, 2020

Who better to speak with than my band director from college about twirlers on the field? Professor Jay Rees (known to students as "Rees") is a fantastic band director at the University of Miami. He was previously at the University of Arizona for many...

31: Cody the Twirler
May 14, 2020

Cody Carter has one of the most unique styles of twirling. It has led him to stages all over the world including America's Got Talent and World Championships in multiple countries.