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Baton Twirling Podcast

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30: Dancing Through Quarantine: Sarah Beth Byrum All That! Dance Company
May 07, 2020

Coronavirus has hit the performing arts community pretty hard. We talk with Sarah Beth Byrum from Oregon who runs the All That! Dance Company. She shifted everything to be online, and has pretty great tips for any type of studio!

29: Connections: Catching up with Songee
April 30, 2020

I first met Songee at the U of Arizona and ran the Miss America's Outstanding Prelim pageant that she won. She has gone on to do amazing things and is now in technology and marketing.

28: Activewear with Stacey Sutton
April 20, 2020 Do you jiggle when you run, jump, or get up from binge-watching Netflix? Well, I know I do! Stacey introduced me to an amazing type of athletic wear to help control all that. And I mean CONTROL....

27: University of Arkansas Co-Captain: Kendal baker
April 16, 2020

One of the most amazing "Twirl Days" occurs at the University of Arkansas. Listen to find out how you can win a scholarship for the Twirl Day.

26: Pivoting: Eliese Freeman - Dance by Eliese
April 09, 2020

Eliese Freeman talks with us today about the shift and pivot she has made for her baton and dance studio. We also learn a little about her involvement with the University of Arkansas Razorback Twirlers. I've included a free training to show you how to...

25: Interview with the Shiner Band's Twirling Sponsor: Anastacia Rehak
April 02, 2020

I had the honor of judging the Shiner High School tryouts, and the amazing twirling sponsor, Anastacia Rehak, sat and chatted with me about twirling in a small town. She has been the twirling sponsor for a few years, and she had some advice for...

24: Zach Sims - Interview with a Band Director
March 26, 2020

Ever wonder what goes through a band director's head when deciding whether or not to allow baton twirlers? Today's episode features the Shiner, Texas band director, Zach Sims, who not only has twirlers, but has continued the tradition of baton...

23 - Coronavirus and Free Lessons
March 17, 2020

Free Online Lessons on Our Facebook Page Tonight.

22: Caroline Carothers: Miss Texas and UT Twirler
March 10, 2020

Living the dream life of a baton twirler - Miss Texas, the University of Texas Twirler, and a role model for young children everywhere. Today's episode features Caroline Carothers!

21: Jaycee's Mom - Mother of a Motivated Athlete
March 03, 2020

What motivates children to perform beyond the expected? We chat with Jaycee's mom, the twirler we spoke with last week, to talk about the expectations she has and the internal motivation that comes from Jaycee.