Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero

Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero

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Being Worthy Of Happiness – John Yokela Brishon Martin part 2 – Ayn Rand Hero
October 27, 2020

Show Notes 03:00 – Discussing the ego as an ‘organism’ 05:00 – Why we experience happiness with a coherent story of reality 10:00 – How you experience “contradictions” reveals something critical about your standards 12:00 – Your stories about your expe...

Relationships, Authenticity, and Metamodernism Oh My! with Zach Doctor
October 09, 2020

Enjoy the ride of a conversation about how to use Reason to understand Reality so that you can take Responsibility to Realize your highest values – in true Respect for others.Join Mark Michael Lewis and Zach Doctor as they explore HOW to create authent...

Ayn Rand Hero: Education That Empowers with Marsha Enright
September 23, 2020

Join Mark Michael Lewis and Marsha Familiaro Enright in a conversation about the importance of Reason and intellectual honesty/humility in the process of education. Discover the experiences that led Marsha to open a summer program and a “Leap Year” col...

Ayn Rand Hero: Meta-Ethics with John Yokela and Brishon Martin - Ego As Organism
December 12, 2018

Join Mark Michael Lewis, John Yokela and Brishon Martin on an epic journey into the land of meta-ethics and the philosophy of Ayn Rand. SHOWNOTES 4:00 how do we build an epistemology that’s based in ethics?

Ayn Rand Hero: Marianna Brashear – FEE – Entrepreneurs, Economics, and Real Power
April 13, 2017

Join Mark Michael Lewis and Marianna Brashear in a conversation about the opportunity that the USA represents and the ideas that make it inspiring. As an Ukrainian immigrant who now serves as the Manager of Curriculum Development for the Foundation of ...

Ayn Rand Hero: Ed Hudgins – A Moral Technology
March 15, 2017

Join Mark Michael Lewis in a conversation with Ed Hudgins, founder of the Human Achievement Alliance, an author, political pundit, lover of technology, and transhumanist. Ed is a passionate force of nature.

Ayn Rand Hero: Michael Newberry – Being A Heroic Artist
February 23, 2017

Join Mark Michael Lewis and artist Michael Newberry as they discuss the world of artistic creation in the context of Ayn Rand’s philosophy. Michael has been creating figurative art for over 40 years, combining his love of Rembrandt, Ayn Rand,

Ayn Rand Hero: Jennifer Grossman – CEO Atlas Society Social Strategy
December 29, 2016

Join Mark Michael Lewis and the CEO of The Atlas Society Jennifer Anju Grossman as they talk about how to bring the ideas of Ayn Rand to the wider culture – especially our youth. We especially discuss her thinking behind her provocative choice to write...

Ayn Rand Hero: Wealth Is More Than Money with Kim Sawyer
December 21, 2016

In this interview, I sit down with business coach and creator of theWealthSource Kim Sawyer. Our conversation is packed with questions, answers and thoughts that will get you thinking about money, business, value and wealth (and Ayn Rand!

Ayn Rand Hero: Postmodernism and Making Work Beautiful with Professor Stephen Hicks
December 13, 2016

Join Mark Michael Lewis and philosophy Professor Stephen Hicks in a conversation about an honest approach to knowledge and human thriving. In this episode, you’ll hear: Why you should always take arguments at their best [10:15] The reason why many phil...