Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero

Becoming An Ayn Rand Hero

A No-BS Introduction To Ayn Rand – The 5 Traits of the Ayn Rand Hero

February 26, 2021

A passionate, no-bullshit / no-apologies introduction to the philosophy of Ayn Rand – and how to use it to create an optimal life – a life of Human Thriving.

Mark Michael Lewis lays out the 5 key ideas at the heart of Ayn Rand’s moral philosophy, showing how all 5 work together to multiple one another’s effectiveness and create a life and a lifestyle of an Ayn Rand Hero. It also details the 2 central reasons that people dislike Ayn Rand and her philosophy (outside of the fact they haven’t read her work or understood the 5 Traits of the Ayn Rand Hero). It isn’t pretty, but it is clear as night and day.

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Mark Michael Lewis is The Profitability Coach – guiding leaders to dramatically increase their bottom line in business, relationships, happiness, meaning, and life itself.​

Mark is also the author of the Creating Thriving Partnerships, a 20-hours audio course to create fun, intimacy, and teamwork in your relationships –​, and the Advanced Romance course to experience passionate, fulfilling, and transcendent sexual partnerships.​.

The Game Of Heroic Meaning is an free online video course that teaches you how to approach your your projects, your relationships, and your life as a whole like a Sacred Game – where the goal of the Game is to experience increasingly Heroic Meaning in your life – more Prosperity, more Pleasure, more Purpose – for Yourself, Other people you care about, and the Environment in which you live – in the Present moment, in the Short-Term future, and the Long-Term future. Join us in this Adventure In Personal Responsibility and Make Your Deepest Happiness Your Highest Priority. For extra lessons, coaching exercises, discussion, Q&Aa, AMAs, and community, goto

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