Awakening with Amy Robeson

Awakening with Amy Robeson

Episode 30: Decluttering to Improve Your Mental Health

July 21, 2022

Clearing space in our physical environment is about so much more than being tidy. Visual clutter can create mental clutter and really affects how we are experiencing our inner and outer world. When we take the time to face the piles of items that need to be sorted, put away, donated or moved, we are also clearing our headspace and creating peace and calm within our souls.

While it can seem super overwhelming to tackle piles of our belongings, taking it slow and creating a system can turn a dreaded task into a spiritual practice to uplift the soul! I use my decluttering time for reflection and spiritual growth and can’t wait to share some tips and tricks with you on how decluttering is a great thing to do for your mental health!

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