A Scary Home Companion

A Scary Home Companion

Latest Episodes

June 08, 2020

Three friends went to find Bigfoot. Unfortunately, they found him

Happy Little Axecidents
May 28, 2020

Happy-go-lucky artist Rory Silk received an accursed painting as a gift

The Nightmare People
May 11, 2020

an NPR-style report on the dark figures that lurk within our nightmares

Dear Prudence : A Love Story
May 07, 2020

Delbert falls for Prudence, unaware of her deep, dark secret

Dungeons and Demons
April 16, 2020

A DM bases his new campaign on an accursed book, and is haunted by something ancient

Closed Casket Jack
April 13, 2020

A good old fashioned slasher story, with a twist

March 23, 2020

Left to die in the most horrific way possible, you have to find a way to survive

The Archive
March 18, 2020

A young woman is trapped between a killer and a bizarre otherworldly library

Ghosts of the Devil's Triangle
March 18, 2020

A Special Investigation into Mysteries and Folklore by reporter Mary Anne Simpson

Massacre at Blacksite One, the Conclusion
March 04, 2020

They sent Razormouth to Hell, and he burned it down