A Scary Home Companion

A Scary Home Companion

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Stuffed, Skinned & Carved : Thanksgiving Thrillers
October 29, 2019

Thanksgiving is not known for horror -- until now. Join me for three short, jolting tales of family, food, and fright!InstaCart gives you free delivery on your first order over $35. Just in time for the holiday! Follow this link, and we all ...

One Last Halloween
October 15, 2019

On Samhain the living and the dead walk side by side, and what lies under a costume may not be human at all. 13 year old Dolan is experiencing his last night trick or treating, and his first night being able to see the spirits and haunts that visit ...

Friday the 13th The Saga of Jason Voorhees
October 09, 2019

The first ten installments of the classic horror franchise are served up in one fun and continuous tale. When you think of epic sagas of the human spiritrich treasure troves of narrative excellence,and pure storytelling dynamite&nbs...

A Life of Death - The Priest with Red Hands
October 04, 2019

 After years of exorcisms, blood cults, and executions, Frank Roarke is entering a new chapter in his Life of Death. He is seeking to build a brave new world, united against the evil of the Ghastly Ones.His allies might very well prove t...

A Life of Death - the Holy Executioner
September 26, 2019

A militant religious order wages a bloody war against demonic cultsGuest voices this week, from Brother Buck Rogers, Sister Sarah Hanson and Jamie Lee Hensley, who has yet to take a vow of silence produced and edited by the Abbot...

A Life of Death - the Holy Warrior
September 18, 2019

Francis Roarke saw carnage in Vietnam, but not the kind of horrors waiting for him in Slate County prison. Serial killers, cult leaders, the damned and deranged, and when they passed through Death Row, Cell Six would feed on them. Growing stronger.

The Doll House
September 10, 2019

After the Night of the Long Knives, young Emily and monstrous Ben wandered looking for safe haven. When they found a lakeside cabin built like a life-size dollhouse, it seemed too good to be true.But a dollhouse needs dollies. When a group of...

The Secret of Chippewa Falls
September 05, 2019

Since man first learned sin, these old woods have been haunted by inhuman monsters, lost souls, and vagabond devils.On the night of the biggest snowstorm in Wisconsin history, folklorist and professor Ollie Schnieder stumbled upon the ancient...

The Profane Botanist
August 22, 2019

Profane Botany is the scientific philosophy that seeks to hybridize human tissue and plant matter into new forms of life. Like alchemy and transmutation it is a dark theory never actualized.  Until now...Spinning out of the mythology of...

Baby Ghost Whisperer
August 19, 2019

"Visions and prophetic dreams run in my family. But my son sees things when he is awake... and he has since birth." What if ghosts talked to you, begged you for help, before you were old enough to understand what was happening?A true story u...