Are they 18 yet?™

Are they 18 yet?™

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Natural treatments and ADHD: Spotting the fallacy
March 02, 2022

Are "natural" remedies really better when it comes to ADHD, autism, and related conditions?What does it mean to use a "natural" treatment or intervention?In this episode, I discuss why those questions aren't easy to answer. Specif

The ins and outs of language screening (for school-age kids)
February 23, 2022

Am I choosing the right language screening tool? How do I know when a child should be screened and evaluated? I get these questions a lot. That's why in this episode, I wanted to bust some common myths about language screenings and evaluations. I&apo

Are we "following the research" in education?
February 16, 2022

Does class size matter? Is homework effective? What's the best way to help kids learn to read?Why do some teachers (and schools) succeed while others fail? Dr. John Hattie attempted to answer these questions in his meta-analysis, published in his boo

How to support language processing and comprehension in school-age kids (part 2)
February 09, 2022

In this episode, I continue the discussion about language processing and how to support it. I continue the discussion of difficult sentence types, and dive in to one very challenging syntax skill that tends to cause processing problems. Working on this sk

How to support language processing and comprehension in school-age kids (part 1)
February 02, 2022

Language skills are essential to a child's ability to succeed in school and life. But when processing language is a struggle there can be a global impact across a child's entire day.Language comprehension issues can be such as challenge for ther

Building vocabulary skills in Kindergarten through high school
January 26, 2022

Vocabulary growth is one of the biggest predictors of language growth and academic success. That's why in this episode, I talk about what speech pathologists, parents, and teachers can do to help kids build strong vocabulary skills across elementary

Supporting reading comprehension: What parents and professionals need to know
January 19, 2022

Reading comprehension is one of the most important skills for academic success. It's a skill that can help us to continue to learn new information throughout our lives.On the other hand, kids who struggle to understand what they read are at a disadva

Re-release: Building discipline and self-management in elementary school through college.
January 12, 2022

When raising kids in elementary school, junior high, and high school, a lot of parents wonder if they're preparing their kids for what lies ahead in college and adulthood. We can't look in to a crystal ball and predict the future, but we can bri

Re-release: The Breaking Point
January 05, 2022

We all have a point where the demands of life become too overwhelming and we lose our ability to self-manage and stay disciplined. For people who have a diagnosis of ADHD, that point can come sooner rather than later. In this episode, my husband (Joe) sha

Cognitive distortions and ADHD
December 29, 2021

When it comes to supporting kids with ADHD or other conditions that impact executive functioning, it can be challenging to understand some of the behaviors we’re seeing.Sometimes figuring out why they act the way they do can be confusing, especially when