The Anti Empire Project with Justin Podur

The Anti Empire Project with Justin Podur

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World War Civ 17b: Yuan Shikai makes his move
June 26, 2023

The 1911 Chinese Revolution ends with Yuan Shikai in charge. He is ready to take the throne and become emperor except that he cant sweep the foreigners away and ends up deepening the crisis. China en

In Real Time with Stan Cox 12: India dilemmas and how tech won’t save us
June 22, 2023

Stan Cox is back to talk about two essays. One, co-written with Priti Gulati Cox, Between a Yoga Mat and a Hard Place, about where India is headed. And another, The Old Future is Gone and Technolog

World War Civ 17a: The 1911 Chinese Revolution pt1
June 17, 2023

The Qing dynasty desperately tries a reform to stay in power while secret societies plot against them; intellectuals debate how to modernize China while Western imperialists keep pressuring China afte

AER 127: Has Imran Khan lost the battle with Pakistan’s Army?
June 13, 2023

On May 9 2023 ousted president Imran Khan was detained by the Pakistan army, who were forced immediately to release him. But in the month since, the crackdown on protesters (and their families) has be

WWCiv 16: Persia and Portugal get constitutions, 1909 and 1910
June 05, 2023

Timeline of the constitutional revolutions that took place in Persia from 1905-1909 and Portugal in 1910. They werent social revolutions but shared important patterns for later events including a lon

World War Civ 15: Sufragettes and Pacifists
May 24, 2023

Deeds Not Words! was the slogan of the militant sufragettes who fought for the vote. We get into some of their dramatic acts and some of the reasonings of their leaders which are not always discus

AER 126: Multipolarity? Schmultipolarity! A debate with Sam Gindin
May 12, 2023

Sam Gindin and Justin Podur, moderated with fairness and balance by Nora Barrows-Friedman, debate the proposition that the world is becoming multipolar as US hegemony declines. We clash over capitalis

The Mexican Revolution pt4: Schemes of the Great Powers
May 11, 2023

While the Mexican Revolutionaries fought for the land, the Great Powers tried to pick the winner. Germany and Britain, Japan and of course the US, all schemed and intrigued. We talk about the Kaisers

AER 125: Maori Sovereignty or Death!
May 09, 2023

The New Zealand Parliament Protest inspired by Canadas Trucker Convoy and with similarly hard-to-read politics; the continuing urgency of Maori sovereignty; An in-depth discussion of Donna Awateres

In Real Time with Stan Cox 11: Atlanta’s Cop City and Anti-Climate Legislation
May 07, 2023

Stan and I talk about two of his articles from April: the first on Atlantas Cop City, which one activist has already been killed by police over, and why its an environmental disaster as well as ot