The Anti Empire Project with Justin Podur

The Anti Empire Project with Justin Podur

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WWC 2 – Causes of World War 1 pt2 – The Alliance System
September 26, 2022

How do you turn a local conflict into a world war? Create an intricate set of alliances that guarantees it! Dave takes us on a tour of the construction of the alliance system from the Emperors’ League

In Real Time with Stan Cox 6: Challenging CO2 Pipelines
September 21, 2022

CO2 pipelines are proof of the principle that “the greatest source of problems is solutions”. Stan Cox is back to shoot down the notion that CO2 pipelines are going to save us. Justin, meanwhile, has

World War Civ 1: The Intro
September 09, 2022

The Scramble for Africa is over. Greedy European powers can now only expand at one another’s expense. Du Bois and Lenin both thought this made a big European war inevitable. But others at the time tho

AER 114: Why Democracy (TM) Fails the Global South
September 05, 2022

Democracy means “the people rule”. But do the people rule in the “democratic” systems that form governments all over the world? Are these democratic governments less repressive or authoritarian than t

AER 113: Pakistan government threatens to arrest Imran Khan
August 25, 2022

An update on the unfolding post-coup in Pakistan. Talking to Waqas Ahmad again about the threat to arrest Imran Khan, the remarkable result of the election in Punjab where PTI won 15/20 seats, the arr

Scramble for Oceania 3: Polynesia, Melanesia, Micronesia
August 16, 2022

At the peak of global colonialism no island however small was exempted from European greed. We conclude our Scramble for Oceania series with the scrambles for the many islands in the Pacific. Many of

In Real Time with Stan Cox 5: On the Inflation Reduction Bill and on Optimism
August 14, 2022

Our August 2022 dispatch with Stan Cox. Stan presents us this month with a discussion of the “Inflation Reduction Bill” – is climate change solved? Can Stan finally relax? We also get into a discussio

Scramble for Oceania 2: The Land Wars of New Zealand
August 06, 2022

We take advantage of some new scholarship of New Zealand history (Keenan, Wars Without End; Belch, New Zealand Wars; Simons, Soldiers, Scouts and Spies) to give you a hopefully fresh look at the 19th

In Real Time with Stan Cox 4: A discussion of violence and policy murder
July 21, 2022

The fourth discussion with Stan Cox about his latest dispatch, “They’ll Show Up Armed – Countering Policy Murder and the Rising Violence of the Right”. We talk about a nonviolent march Stan participat

Scramble for Oceania 1: The theft of Australia
July 17, 2022

At the same time that the European empires were scrambling for Africa, they held a scramble in the Pacific. For the British Empire the base was Australia, and we begin with the scramble for Australia,