The Anti Empire Project with Justin Podur

The Anti Empire Project with Justin Podur

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AER 142: Gaza War Sit Rep Day 224 – Abu Obeida speaks as Jabalia and Rafah battles rage
May 20, 2024

A report with Jon Elmer on the fierce fighting in Gaza on day 224 of the war and a breakdown of Qassam spokesman Abu Obeida’s speech on that day.

World War Civ 40: How Britain Took Palestine in 1917
May 13, 2024

General Allenby, Sharif Hussein and his son Feisal, and their handler TE Lawrence array the forces of the British Empire and the Arab Revolt against the Turco-German forces in Palestine. The battle st

AER 141: Gaza War Sit Rep Day 213 – the invasion of Rafah has begun
May 07, 2024

On the Anti-Empire Project Youtube Channel there are frequent situation reports or Sit Reps that are posted late at night. Not all of them are reposted here to this podcast, but were posting this one

World War Civ 39: War Takes to the Skies
April 26, 2024

From crashing test flights to close air support and strategic bombing on the breakneck innovation in aerial warfare over the course of WW1. An issue with some implications today, youll agree?

World War Civ 38: The War at Sea from 1916-1918
April 13, 2024

It could be argued that World War I was decided at sea. The British blockade; the Germans try unrestricted submarine warfare, and massive consequences follow. We talk about Jutland, Skaggerak, the Lui

World War Civ 37: Women in the Great War
April 06, 2024

Among the many changes wrought by WW1 was an irrevocable change in the status of women. Munitions girls, women running the Paris Metro and the buses in London, policewomen and auxilaries. We conclud

WW Civ 36: The Easter Rising in Ireland 1916
March 23, 2024

The conditions may not have been optimal but they didnt look to be getting better so the Irish Revolutionaries made their move in Easter 1916. A week of urban warfare followed the revolutionaries

Tankie Therapy on Day 163: Do we debate genocide?
March 17, 2024

We didnt have quorum for a tankie therapy session but we got together anyway Matteo and Alex joined for a discussion of several psychological warfare methods being used on us: normalizing crimes, t

World War Civ 35: Agony and Slaughter 1916
March 12, 2024

The battles of Verdun, the Somme, and the Brusilov Offensive. Epic, tragic military errors, horrors of trenches, battles that killed hundreds of thousands and changed the course of history.

AER 140: The Gaza Siege
March 08, 2024

The siege on Gaza and the role of the Palestinian Authority are critical context for the Israels assault on Gaza. On this episode we take a look at the history of the blockade and how Israel has ghet