Creating an Always Culture

Creating an Always Culture

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[PODCAST] Causes and Solutions for the Nursing Shortage
October 19, 2017

Unless you live under a rock, you already know there is a serious nursing shortage in this country. The Bureau of Labor Statistics currently estimates a deficit of nearly one million nurses by the year 2022. Nursing shortages are not new,

[PODCAST] Introducing Tenured Staff to Value Based Care
October 04, 2017

How do more tenured nurses feel about value based care? It’s a question that challenges any person in a staffing and management position. The ideas of value based purchasing, raising HCAHPS scores, and patient satisfaction aren’t new for staff members ...

[PODCAST] 5 Steps to Achieve Buy-in to Your Hospital’s Nursing Culture
September 21, 2017

Proper onboarding of new nurses is key to retention, job satisfaction, and engagement in complete patient care. Nurses who are comfortable in their environment, and feel supported by management, will become a critical part of the care team.

[PODCAST] How Today’s Patients See Care Teams
August 30, 2017

Today’s patients see care teams differently than they once did. In the past, patients played more of a child-like role to their physicians and nurses. However, in today’s more patient-centered market, there has been a shift to patients wanting more inf...

[PODCAST] How Nursing Leadership Can Move Surveys from Usually to Always
August 16, 2017

Nurses and nurse managers, strive to provide safe care along with an excellent patient experience. If your organization has attained that goal, then you may have found your hospital in the upper 25th percentile of the national database.

[PODCAST] Adjusting the Discharge Process for Improved HCAHPS Scores
February 14, 2017

There are five questions on the HCAHPS survey dealing with the discharge home, or the transition of care, and they all center around the patient’s level of understanding of their discharge instructions and your staff’s level of understanding of patient...

[PODCAST] Effective Pain Management for HCAHPS Improvement
February 08, 2017

Nearly every patient that comes into the hospital arrives with pain. Controlling pain and working towards HCAHPS improvement can be a challenge. The HCAHPS survey asks two questions with regards to pain management: “How often was your pain well-control...

[PODCAST] Communication on Medications Effects HCAHPS Scores and Patient Safety
January 25, 2017

Communication with patients on medications is important for both patient experience, HCAHPS scores, AND patient safety. Listen to the podcast to learn tactics for improving communication on medications or checkout the full video and article: Communicat...

[PODCAST] The Metric that Most Correlates with Overall HCAHPS Ratings
January 18, 2017

When a patient sits down with their HCAHPS survey to answer questions on how they communicated with their nurses, they’re going to be answering questions based on just about every communication they had with all staff members at the hospital… Listen to...

[PODCAST] 2 Key Measurements for the HCAHPS Survey Responsiveness Score
January 11, 2017

The HCAHPS survey asks about the measure of responsiveness in a very specific way. It doesn’t ask about responsiveness as it relates to how food trays are delivered, how medications are handled or how transportation is provided throughout the hospital....