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All The Things ADHD

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S4 E18: Wait, What Were We Talking About?
March 11, 2022

Or, I Better Have Remembered To Attach The Damn MP3 File To This Post Or Alanis Morissette Is Going To Write A Whole Fucking Verse About This For A New Recording Of Her Hit Song Ironic. Which was too

S4 E13: What if, wait for it, we didn’t have to fundamentally change who we are to be successful?
February 04, 2022

Ok, so Time-Blindness and ADHD Wait Mode got the best of me and I forgot to edit the next two episodes and upload them, etc, before leaving for NOLA. So now I’m writing all of this, which is the only

S4 E12: Hope Your Holiday Was Better Than Ours
January 28, 2022

Hey everyone! We’re back and literally we are worse for wear. I got COVID and Aimée had major facial trauma. And we talk about it, our experience, and our insights into what happened to us both on the

S4 E11: A Holiday Wish For You
December 17, 2021

This one is short and sweet. Aimée has been felled by the holidays and the end of the semester, so I just recorded a short holiday wish for y’all, and thank you for listening and coming on this journe

S4 E10: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other…
December 10, 2021

…One of these things is kinda the same. Aimée and I decided to dig into what makes our podcast different from other ADHD podcasts hosted by women (no shade!). And while that makes us unique, it also m

S4 E9: Can I Finish? CAN I FINISH?
December 03, 2021

Aimée and I talk about not being able to finish things. All things. Many important things. Things where we are 98% there but just. can’t. get. over. the. finish. line. If you’ve ever struggled to get

S4 E8: The One Where I Am Someone Else’s Holiday Memory
November 26, 2021

Aimée and I talk more about surviving the holidays, and we share more of our own holiday stories. This was recorded the week before American Thanksgiving, so we hope that if you are in the States, you

S4 E7: Surviving the Holidays
November 19, 2021

So…it’s mid-November (AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!) which means the holiday season is upon us, whether we’re ready or not. And most of us, admittedly, aren’t. And those of us with ADHD, well… Aimée and I talk

S4 E6: When We (Inevitably) Fall
November 12, 2021

Well. Shit happens, and when shit happens (or, rather, we make the shit that is happening), as I say in the episode, “There ain’t no spiral like an ADHD spiral.” Or something like that. We’re getting

S4 E5: The Neurodivergent Hangover
November 05, 2021

Hey everyone, you’re actually going to get show notes today! My piece in CHE that caused the “hangover.” Better Son/Daughter by Rilo Kiley (I was freaking close!) Anyway, today’s episode is about a ki