All The Things ADHD

All The Things ADHD

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S5 E8: Neurodivergent College Survival Tips
March 02, 2023

LOL, I was supposed to have this out last Friday and I am barely going to get it out before this Friday. A listener asked us to do an episode about how to survive college as someone who is neurodiverg

S5 E7: Hey, Did You Know There Are Levels Between 0 and 11?
February 10, 2023

Hey everyone, your friendly neighborhood neurodivergent podcasters here. Its been a while, and while we didnt make any promises as to when we were coming back after the holidays, we never intended i

S5 E6: A Winter Solstice Gift
December 21, 2022

Hey everyone, its been a year for your favorite neurodivergent academic podcasters. Aime and I did manage to get together and record one last episode for 2022. Its about all the things we are grate

S5 E5: Here’s a Reframing for you: 2022 CAN SUCK IT
December 02, 2022

Ahem. Were back. Its beenall entirely too much. We talk about how we are trying to reframe everything that has been happening to us and how we are reacting to it. But 2022 can still suck it. Seriou

October 28, 2022

In this episode, both Aime and I share our breakdowns. There are too many things. Weve lost many (most? all?) of our spoons. My internet even had had enough while we were recording, so apologies if

S5 E3: The One Where Lee Segues from Lumpy Pumpkins to Beauty
October 14, 2022

So, its Friday and Monday was a holiday so I lost track of what day it was and never edited and uploaded the episode. I spent all my time working on that segue (and I literally had to google how to s

S5 E2: Revenge is a Dish Best Served to Yourself When You’re Exhausted?
October 07, 2022

Welcome back after a three-week hiatus! We sure put the amateur in amateur podcasters! This week, its about sleep and how neurodivergent people tend to put off going to sleep even when were exhauste

S5 E1: We Have Regrets
September 16, 2022

Were back for Season Five! How did our Summer of Self-Acceptance go? Both really well and HORRIBLY. We have regrets. But at least we can laugh about it. And remember, its not catastrophizing if its

S4 E27: The Summer Of Self-Acceptance
May 13, 2022

Or taking a vacation from being so hard on yourself. Its Friday the 13th (which we didnt plan) and were releasing our 71st episode, which is an odd number to note, and also its our Season 4 finale

May 06, 2022

So, Im going to put a big, ol content warning on the top of this one. We talk about how the medical system and the individuals acting in it are ableist and ageist and sexist AF (among other things)