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All The Things ADHD

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S2 E9: Getting It Imperfect, Doing It Anyway (UPDATED!)
June 12, 2020

Of course on such an important topic, I would forget to turn off the metronome function in GarageBand while editing the file. I’ve corrected it and so now there is no more annoying rhythmic tapping/clicking. Apologies.

S2 E8: Socially-Distant Weddings, Wrestling, and Writing (OH MY!)
June 05, 2020

*Note: We recorded this episode and scheduled to publish it before the world was set aflame. We encourage you to read anti-racist reading lists, as well as to donate to anti-racist causes locally (in Canada and in the USA).

S2 E7: Viva Las Vegas...NOT!!!
May 29, 2020

You ever hate something that everyone else raves about, like loud parties or, IDK, Las Vegas? You’ve come to right place, where quiet fun is celebrated, and we can admit, in a safe space, that we’re not the problem if we think something isn’t as awesom...

May 22, 2020

I basically got this shirt immediately after recording these episodes (thanks FB algorithm for listening in and suggesting this shirt to buy!). Kelly is back again, and we keep talking about how we’re, well, weird. But that’s ok.

S2 E5: Opinionated Ladies on the Internet
May 15, 2020

LOOK WE HAVE A GUEST! That’s Kelly J. Baker (aka @kelly_j_baker on Twitter). She also has colorful hair and glasses, like us, and is also an Opinionated Lady on the Internet, like us, too! I laughed a lot during our two hours of recording.

S2 E4: Narratives We Tell, Stories We Crave
May 08, 2020

Look, I don’t usually self-promote here, but, if you could: Given the current situation in the world, if you buy one of my two self-published books, I will donate the proceeds to Hope for College. Buy Learning to Breathe which focuses on mental health,...

S2 E3: Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria
May 01, 2020

I know, I know, I keep calling it Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria. But you can read a bit more about it and how it specifically impacts people with ADHD. It really was one of those moments where so much of how I reacted (and how my kids reacted) made m...

S2 E2: Who Are We Now?
April 24, 2020

When you’ve been unknowingly living with ADHD for as long as Aimée and I have, getting the diagnosis and then taking medication can radically shift your identity as well as how you are productive. In this episode,

S2 E1: Looking Back, Looking Forward
April 17, 2020

Listen to us, all young and naive and not sheltering in place, confined to our homes, working remotely, trying to homeschool our kids. This, this was how S2 was supposed to start. And let this remind of a time before COVID-19,

April 10, 2020

Yeah, it’s existential despair time over at All The Things ADHD. But fear not, we have advice on how to get over the malaise that we’re privileged enough to be experiencing as life settles into this new normal that isn’t normal,