Coffee with the College

Coffee with the College

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Episode 20 – Coming Out of the Dark: Dr. Nick Turkal
November 28, 2022

In September 2022, ACHE-WI had the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Nick Turkal as keynote speaker of the chapters annual conference. Nick served as President and CEO of Aurora Health Care for 12 years and

Episode 19: Quarterly Spotlight: Ryan Neville
October 31, 2022

Our quarterly spotlight guest is Ryan Neville, President of the Wausau/Weston region of the Marshfield Clinic Health System. In describing his career journey, Ryan emphasizes the importance of meanin

Episode 18: Boldly Breaking Through Silos: Michael Grubich
October 06, 2022

In this episode we discuss Breaking Down Silos with Mike Grubich, President and Chief Talent Officer at the LAK Group. Mike explains how thinking in systems versus functions can create a sense of mut

Episode 17: Quarterly Spotlight: Carrie Killoran
August 24, 2022

Career journeys are often roller coasters of great achievements and . . . learning moments. In this quarterly spotlight episode, we have coffee with Carrie Killoran, Advocate Aurora Health Cares G

Episode 16: Culturally Competent Care: Richelle Webb Dixon
July 28, 2022

Many health care organizations are working to ensure they provide culturally competent care. Some claim to already provide it. How does an organization know if they are? Last month, Coffee with Col

Episode 15: Intentional Leadership and Coaching: Tim McKeough
June 29, 2022

Leadership is a journey fashioned with vulnerability and risk taking, steering many of us to build walls that unintentionally inhibit progress towards achieving our goals. In this episode, we chat wi

Episode 14: Quarterly Spotlight: Damond Boatwright
March 21, 2022

Trust that a no will take you closer to the right yes for you. Thats just one of many career and leadership lessons Damond Boatwright, President and CEO of Hospital Sisters Health System (HSH

Episode 13: Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Marie Barry
February 22, 2022

Are you a leader in healthcare faced with the challenge of addressing important issues around social determinants of health within the communities you serve? In todays episode, our host Janet Schulz

Episode 12: How Organizational Leaders Can Prepare their Enterprise for the Unexpected: Ted Uczen
January 04, 2022

In our last episode, we discussed how a supervisor can directly impact employee wellness in times of stress by allowing time away from duties or by being a listening ear. This month we scale up and d

Episode 11: Supporting a Team’s Emotional Resiliency: Gina Kangas, LCSW
December 01, 2021

Many of us are doing our best to support the emotional resiliency of our teams over the last couple years, but not all leaders have the experience and tools to effectively manage through an ongoing cr