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94twenty podcast

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94twenty podcast – Episode 4
May 12, 2020

With it being Mother's Day week we wanted to take a minute to reflect on how our moms have had a major influence on our taste in music. Also, in this week's 94twenty podcast, we talk about the importance of having the "right" producer to help bring you...

94twenty podcast – Episode 3
May 06, 2020

What do the music writing process, inspiration and Jeff Black have in common? Well, guess you will just have to tune in to this week's 94twenty episode to find out. Carl, Greg & Nicole talk about these things, and more. - Links from this episode: -

94twenty podcast – Episode 2
April 27, 2020

In this week's episode of the 94twenty podcast, Nicole, Carl & Greg talk about what the future could look like for the music industry once the COVID-19 crisis has passed. They also discuss what artists can do now to prepare for the changes being made,

94twenty podcast - Bonus Episode
April 14, 2020

COVID, CRISIS & MUSIC - who couldn't ask for anything more - Welcome to the bonus episode of the new 94twenty podcast! We are working hard to bring you great content and great music - and doing it all legally, might we add.

94twenty podcast – Episode 1
March 28, 2020

A journey through the music we love (and the business we tolerate). - Welcome to our premier podcast. Listen to music rights guru Greg Riggle, Bandtwango co-founder & artist Carl Allocco, and Bandtwango Managing Director and certified business & life ...