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94twenty podcast

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94twenty podcast – Episode 161
January 05, 2024

Featured Artist - Orlando Mendez - In this episode, we talk about numerology and what the year holds for us. We also discuss more about Taylor Swift and her Era's Tour movie (which Nicole did watch),

94twenty podcast – Episode 160
December 21, 2023

Featured Artist - Elaine Eagle - In this episode, it's our annual "Holiday Bowling Party"! Enjoy the ramblings of Carl, Greg, and Nicole as they talk about Christmas memories and some of our favorite

94twenty podcast – Episode 159
December 15, 2023

Featured Artist - Consuelo Scivoletto-Cordey - In this episode, we talk about school Christmas concert memories, and Nicole shares a hidden fun fact about herself. This week's featured artist is Consu

94twenty podcast – Episode 158
December 07, 2023

Featured Artist - Carl Allocco - In this episode of the podcast, we talk about AI in the music industry, and why "she who will not be named" (Taylor Swift) is back in the news. We also ramble on about

94twenty podcast – Episode 157
November 17, 2023

Featured Artist - Lemon Knife - In this episode, Carl has a new, yet belated, 'bone' to talk about. We also discuss BMI's potential new buyer, and Carl debuts a new chorus to an unfinished song. Our f

94twenty podcast – Episode 156
November 08, 2023

Featured Artist - Hermosa - In the episode, we talk about "Dem Beatles" and the single (Now And Then) they just put out, the video that accompanied it, and the reviews of it. Also, Carl predicts what

94twenty podcast – Episode 155
October 27, 2023

Featured Artist -Tyler Reese Tritt - In this episode, we talk about the future of streaming music. Nicole brings up the latest news when it comes to Spotify royalties, Greg talks about a recent podcas

94twenty podcast – Episode 154
October 20, 2023

Featured Artist - Bridges Ablaze - In this episode, we talk about music publishers who are suing AI tech companies for copyright infringement. Carl also has a new rule, and Greg gives Nicole some home

94twenty podcast – Episode 153
October 13, 2023

Featured Artist - Stacey Kelleher - In this episode, we get Carl and Greg's homework report on Ed Sheeran and *NSYNC's new music. We also discuss whether working hard in the music industry matters or

94twenty podcast – Episode 152
October 06, 2023

Featured Artist - Wayward Motel - In this episode, Nicole finally gets to unleash her music tastes on Carl and Greg and dive deep into Ed Sheeran and *NSYNC's new releases! The featured artist is Wayw