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94twenty podcast

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94twenty podcast – Episode 151
September 29, 2023

Featured Artist - Robbie Finnegan - In this episode, we discuss Katy Perry's selling her catalog, the fact that *NSYNC and Ed Sheeran have new music coming out, and who is actually banned from the Roc

94twenty podcast – Episode 150
September 23, 2023

Featured Artist - Carl Allocco - In this, our 150th episode of the podcast, we talk about DEM BEATLES. Tune in for a riveting conversation from Carl, Greg, Nicole, and our listeners who so kindly chim

94twenty podcast – Episode 149
September 15, 2023

Featured Artist - Jet Jurgensmeyer - In this episode, we dive into our thoughts on the VMA's and MTV. We also take a trip down memory lane around who our own "feel good music" artists are. Our feature

94twenty podcast – Episode 148
September 08, 2023

Featured Artist - Laura Nickel - In this episode, we "sing it forward" as Carl contemplates when songs first came about. We also talk about streaming, and Carl tells us a very funny but accurate story

94twenty podcast – Episode 147
September 01, 2023

Featured Artist: Chase Mitchell - In this episode, we discuss the potential sale of BMI and Rich Beato's YouTube channel. Our featured artist is Chase Mitchell and he answers our "Questions of the Wee

94twenty podcast – Episode 146
August 18, 2023

Featured Artist - LadyByrd - In this episode, we reminisce on our childhood memories. We also dive into a new indie artist, Oliver Anthony, and his crazy success over the last few weeks with his new s

94twenty podcast – Episode 145
August 11, 2023

Featured Artist - Charlotte Mclean - In this episode, we talk with our social media intern Maggie, and she does her best to turn us into 'Swifties'! Our featured artist is Charlotte Mclean, who answer

94twenty podcast – Episode 144
August 04, 2023

Feature Artist - Nico Santone - In this episode we talk about Nicole's experience at the Ed Sheeran concert, Greg's musical genre knowledge, and Carl brings up the difference between being a craftsman

94twenty podcast – Episode 143
July 21, 2023

Featured Artist - Elizabeth Lee - In this episode, we talk about AI in the music industry. We also discuss the Luke Combs cover of 'Fast Cars', the Jason Aldean controversy, and Miranda Lambert's diva

94twenty podcast – Episode 142
July 14, 2023

Featured Artist - Ducky Neptune - In this episode, Greg gets to impress us with his vast knowledge of obscure musical acts. We also talk further about the new "trend" of throwing objects at music conc