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49ers Now Divisional Round Podcast - #rubbermatch
January 16, 2014

Divisional Round Podcast Rundown - #RUBBERMATCH Here's to hoping the Seahawks' ban on selling tickets to CA residents leads to the game being blacked out on TV in the Seattle market! Panthers game recap Harbaugh the legend -- $8 Walmart khakis, givi

49ers Now Wild Card Podcast - feat @AsherRoth pt. II
January 09, 2014

Wild Card Podcast - #TheStickWillLiveToSeeAnotherGam: Packer game recap, Panthers game preview, Interview with Asher Roth

49ers Now Week 17 Podcast - #GAMETIME
January 03, 2014

San Francisco 49ers @ Antarctica Packers -- cold weather, don't care (local blackouts may apply), Cardinals game recap, Packers preview -- BP is more concerned about the return of Cobb than Rodgers, El believes he's out of his mind, Playoff scenarios movi

49ers Now Week 16 Podcast - #merryclinchmas
December 24, 2013

BOWMAN FOR PRESIDENT, Playoffs at the Stick?! Seattle Skid!

49ers Now Week 15 Podcast - #playoffpush
December 19, 2013

SF fans have raised $9,000 to put up 9ers billboards in Seattle, Bucs Recap and Falcons Preview

49ers Now Week 14 Podcast - #silencethehaters
December 12, 2013

In week 14 we debate as to whether Richard Sherman and Pookie from New Jack City were separated at birth, Seattle's Boycott, Hawks Recap and Bucs Preview.

49ers Now Week 13 Podcast feat. @MarissaBataille with @YahooSports
December 04, 2013

Week 13 Podcast Rundown: [0:00 - 5:04] Hypocrisy in the NFL:  Ahmad Brooks gets penalized and fined for tackling Drew Brees near his neck; TJ McDonald Jr. not even penalized for Lorena Bobbitt'ing Vernon Davis [5:05 - 9:59] All hail King Crab, for he

49ers Now Week 12 Podcast - feat @WKLaw on Aldon Smith
November 27, 2013

Week 12 Podcast Rundown [0:00 - 6:34] The Seattle Seahawks need an intervention -- not a good look to have Cheech and Chong as their strength and conditioning coaches [6:35 - 14:47] We're baaaaaaacccccckkkkkkk and trending upward at just the right ti

49ers Now Week 11 Podcast w/ Mrs. EL
November 21, 2013

Week 11 Podcast Rundown [0:00 - 5:08] BATKID - simultaneously the best thing to ever happen to planet earth and the nail in the coffin of the Seahawks playoff run [5:09 - 19:06] Ahmad Brooks vs. Drew Brees' giraffe neck AND EL's investigation into alle

49ers Now Week 10 Podcast - #hallelujah
November 13, 2013

Week 10 Podcast Rundown [0:00 - 4:40] Kyle Williams cut - El feels bad for him, BP and the rest of the Bay Area feel otherwise. [4:41 - 20:50] Panthers game recap - Our offense needed VD more than Richie Incognito needs sensitivity training (read: we