Making Disciples with Robby Gallaty

Making Disciples with Robby Gallaty

Latest Episodes

S03E07: Once in a lifetime
December 21, 2020

SUMMARY: This week Robby and Chris talk about a once in a lifetime opportunity in the beginning of Luke. This is the first time God has spoken to his people in 400 years and he’s getting ready to welcome the Messiah. TIME STAMPS:

S03E06: Were Old Testament, Jewish People, Saved?
December 14, 2020

SHOW NOTES: SUMMARY: It is a common thought to think that Old Testament Jews had a different way to salvation than present-day Christians. Today Robby and Chris talk about what it means to have faith and how that looked in the Old Testament.

S03E05: Can we be blameless?
December 07, 2020

SUMMARY: In this episode Robby and Chris examine biblical figures who were declared blameless before the Lord. Then they will discuss how each of us can live a blameless life. TIME STAMPS: 3:17 (Who is Theophilus?) 6:08 (Blameless)

S03E04: From Moses to Messiah
November 30, 2020

SUMMARY: The book of Mathew is full of callbacks to the Old Testament. This week Robby and Chris compare and contrast Jesus and Moses. TIME STAMPS: 2:50 (The number of incompletion) 6:26 (The number of completion)

S03E03: What you don’t know about the book of Matthew
November 23, 2020

SUMMARY: This week Robby and Christ take a deep dive into the book of Matthew and pull out three themes of the book that will shape how you read it. TIME STAMPS: 1:49 (recap of last week) 2:33 (Matthew is Jewish)

S03E02: Why are the gospels important
November 16, 2020

SUMMARY: This week Robby and Chris break down the four gospels. Who they were written by, who they were written to, and the impact that they have today. TIME STAMPS: 2:14 (Why are the gospels important) 3:20 (John)

S03E01: The Gospels Explained
November 09, 2020

SUMMARY: Season 3 kicks off with an introduction to the Gospels. In this episode, Robby and Chris talk about John the Baptist preparing the way for Jesus and give a brief overview of each of the gospels. TIME STAMPS:

S02E13: Why Words Matter
November 02, 2020

SUMMARY: Often in the Christian life we throw around words without knowing what they actually mean. In this episode, Robby and Chris use the rule of first use to define keywords in the Bible. TIME STAMPS:

S2E12: Was Jesus An Essene?
October 26, 2020

SUMMARY: The Essenes were a unique sect of Judaism. In this episode, Robby and Chris compare and contrast ways that John the Baptist and Jesus might have been Essenes. TIME STAMPS: 3:20 (John the Baptist an Essene?)

S2E11: Why The Essenes Matter
October 19, 2020

SUMMARY: There are four ancient sects that broke off from the Jewish religion. Today Robby and Chris observe why the Essenes started and compare them to religion today. TIME STAMPS: 2:45 (the four sects) 5:40 (who were the Essenes)