Making Disciples with Robby Gallaty

Making Disciples with Robby Gallaty

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S2E12: Was Jesus An Essene?
October 26, 2020

SUMMARY: The Essenes were a unique sect of Judaism. In this episode, Robby and Chris compare and contrast ways that John the Baptist and Jesus might have been Essenes. TIME STAMPS: 3:20 (John the Baptist an Essene?)

S2E11: Why The Essenes Matter
October 19, 2020

SUMMARY: There are four ancient sects that broke off from the Jewish religion. Today Robby and Chris observe why the Essenes started and compare them to religion today. TIME STAMPS: 2:45 (the four sects) 5:40 (who were the Essenes)

S2E10: How To Steal The Priesthood Part 2
October 12, 2020

SUMMARY: Continuing on the topic of how to steal a priesthood Robby and Chris look back to the Maccabean revolt to see how God started to give the temple back to the people and prepared it for Jesus. TIME STAMPS: 2:35 (How have we missed it)

S2E09: How To Steal The Priesthood
October 05, 2020

Summary: Knowing the history of the priesthood allows you to see the deeper significance of Jesus’s death on the cross. Today Robby and Chris delve into the condition of the priesthood prior to Jesus’s coming and give an in-depth look at what happened ...

S2E8: Is Hollywood The New Hellenism?
September 28, 2020

Summary: The impacts of Hellenism are vast and they penetrate every area of our culture. In this episode, Robby and Chris identify the four key elements of Hellenism that changed the mindset of the Jewish people and has continued to influence us today....

S2E7: How An Ancient Culture Affects You More Than You Think
September 22, 2020

Summary: By looking back at history we can notice events that have changed the world. This week Robby and Chris discuss how Alexander The Great’s style of war influenced the way we think today. Time Stamps:

S2E6: More Than Simple Belief
September 14, 2020

Summary: The Bible is not simply black and white, it’s dynamic. Today Robby and Chris talk about how when following Jesus sometimes instead of searching for more information on what Jesus was like, we should walk with him and understand how he lived.

S2E5: How To Think Like Jesus
September 07, 2020

Summary: Eastern and Western thought are radically different from each other. The problem we face today is that we try to read the bible, an Eastern book with a Western mindset. In this episode, Robby and Chris show you how to interpret the Bible with ...

S2E4: Did Jesus Fulfill Or Replace The Old Testament
August 31, 2020

Summary: Many Americans today have adopted replacement theology without even realizing it. Today on the podcast Robby and Chris define abolish and fulfill to have a better understanding of what role the Old Testament played in shaping the New Testament...

S2E3: How Martin Luther Lost The Jewishness of Jesus
August 24, 2020

Summary: Martin Luther is one of the most influential church fathers to date. That being said, with every revolutionary idea you lose a bit of tradition. Robby and Chris look into how Martin Luther’s hatred of the Jewish people has shaped the way we pe...