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Ash Williams, Brisco County Jr., Autolycus, Jack Stiles, Sam Axe – It‘s all Bruce Campbell to us.
August 16, 2022

We're still on hiatus, will be back in September! Here's a throwback show in the meantime!YEAHHHHH BABY! Everyones favorite chainsaw hand man is the topic of this weeks show! Its none other than Bruce Campbell, and were going to take a walk throug

Rollerball 1978 vs 2002, Steel Balls and Motorcycles.
August 03, 2022

Seriously though, I would watch this.With 40 Going on 14 taking a break right now, we're reposting some throwback shows!The future is a scary place to be. If the movies have taught us anything, its that a dystopian society is not far off, or perh

Wrestling or “We’re Men In Tights!” WWF, Wrestlemania and Beyond!
August 01, 2022

While 40 Going On 14 is on a break, we're reposting old popular shows! Slip on your tights, put on your war paint and get your best pose in shape for the top of the turnbuckle, because this week we talk about WRESTLING! Yes! From the starts of the WWF

Dungeons & Dragons and Beyond! D&D from ADD to D&D 5th!
July 22, 2022

YES! The new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer dropped at #SDCC yesterday! It's looking great, and we're excited that #D&D is getting the right treatment for once! Check out the trailer and then listen to our Dungeons & Dragons show! Year

Dungeons & Dragons 1983 vs Vox Machina 2022
July 22, 2022

https://youtu.be/IiMinixSXIIWith the new Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves trailer dropping at #SDCC, we're reposting some of our old #D&D related shows! (We're looking forward to this one!)We've always been nerds. However, there used to be

A Very Special Episode – Help Patrick Not Be Homeless.
July 07, 2022

On a Very Special show this week, we take a moment out of our hiatus to call upon our listeners for help. Patrick has been renting a home for 5 years, and now that house is being sold. He & his family are looking at potential homelessness by the end of Ju

”Independence Day” 1996 versus ”Resurgance” 2016, which invasion comes out on top?
July 05, 2022

Since we're on hiatus for a while, we'll be reposting some of our older shows! What do Jeff Goldblum, Brent Spiner and Judd Hirsch have in common? A rampant hatred for alien invaders. Thats right, kids. Its the Independence Day episode! This week, w

Fathers of the Bride! 1991 Steve Martin versus 2022 Andy Garcia!
June 26, 2022

This week we delve down into the psyche of one of the most unstable persons around, a #FatheroftheBride. Yes, the one person who is both the keystone on which an event occurs (or at least his credit card is) and the "leaf on the wind" which blows wherever

Mike Judge’s Office Space versus Apple TV’s Severance!
June 20, 2022

We've been pouring over these TPS reports from Michael Bolton regarding an upcoming waffle party. Based on this, we have determined that it's time to record our show that features discussion of the classic Mike Judge film #OfficeSpace and the #AppleTV+ sh

The Manchurian Candidate – Frank Sinatra verus Denzel Washington! Which sleeper cell wins out?
June 12, 2022

Mike, Pat, Joel and Josh are the kindest, warmest, bravest, most wonderful human beings you've ever known in my life.... or so #AngelaLansbury has taught us to believe. (#MerylStreep too!) This week, we're enjoying ladies guild's hydrangea arrangement pre