40 Going On 14

40 Going On 14

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Halloween or “Is that Kirk?” 1978 John Carpenter vs 2007 Rob Zombie
October 12, 2022

The Halloween show originally posted on November 3rd 2013.It's time for some Michael Meyers! Yeahhhh BAYBAY! (wait, what?) I think I watched the wrong movies. This week it's the Halloween show! Not the holiday, but we'll get to that show eventually

Hocus Pocus 1993 vs 2022, The Sanderson Sisters fly again!
October 09, 2022

OctoBoo is upon us! In this first week of the most wonderful time of the year, we're enjoying a little 'Hocus Pocus'. The Sanderson Sisters have cast a spell over the hearts and minds of millions. Played by Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Naj

The Scary Movie Show, or “That rabbit made me pee my pants.”
October 06, 2022

Scary Movies, love them or hate them, they're a thing that has been around since the dawn of movie making! (See Nosferatu!) In this episode the guys talk about the scary movies that molded them (or just freaked them out.) as kids, the "Twilight Zone: The

Elvis Biopics! 1979’s Kurt Russell vs 2022’s Austin Butler
September 30, 2022

Time to put your hair in a pompadour, get that curl in your lip, get into your best sequined jumpsuit and get your hips movin' because today we watch #Elvis! These two films couldn't be more different and we'll tell you why. Not too mention revealing our

Teen Revenge 2 – Cruel Intentions vs Do Revenge!
September 23, 2022

Revenge is a dish best served cold or with a side of mushrooms. Listener Nikki suggested we talk about the 1999 teen classic, 'Cruel Intentions' and compare it to the brand new release from Netflix, 'Do Revenge'. We're coming out from hiding under the tab

Pinocchio! Disney’s 1940 version vs the 2022 Remake!
September 16, 2022

I'm a real boy! Not yet. Before you can reach your goal, you first have to watch the original 1940 '#Pinocchio' and the Tom Hanks re-telling from 2022. Only after this can you achieve your real-boyness. At least that's what the blue fairy told us. However

Dirty Dancing, Which Johnny Castle Comes Out On Top? 1987 vs 2017
September 09, 2022

Once upon a time there was a corner. In that corner was Johnny Castle. Why was Johnny in that corner? Because nobody puts Baby Houseman there! That's right, we're dancing all dirty-like as we grab Patrick Swayze and Abigail Breslin and spin them around th

Batmonth – TV from Adam West to The Animated Series!
September 06, 2022

This week we bring back the Batmonth TV episode for the 30th Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series!

A League of Their Own – 1992’s Geena Davis vs 2022’s Amazon Prime Series
September 01, 2022

We're back, baby! After a long and much needed hiatus, we are all here and all ready to roll. For this return to the field, we're taking on the Rockford Peaches and 'A League of Their Own'. Will the brand new, 2022 Amazon Prime series be able to swing

Music Videos or “Remember MTV?”
August 20, 2022

Back in the day there was this radio station that was actually ON TV! It played these things called "Music Videos" and they had VeeJays...it was a thing.Join our Discord channel HERE!You can donate to the show at our Ko-Fi Page!Would'j