The Family History AI Show

The Family History AI Show

EP2: AI outages, Ethical Debates in Genealogy, Google's awful week. Perplexity's “Pages” simplifies research

June 11, 2024

“These tools are so useful […] that even if there are prohibitions against their use, […] there's an incredible temptation to use them surreptitiously.” - Steve Little

Join Mark Thompson and Steve Little as they discuss the AI stories affecting the family history community. AI outages, ethical debates, and cutting-edge tools were all big news this week.   

Also, listen to how OpenAI's new content deals, Google's very bad awful week, and Perplexity's innovative Pages tool, could impact your genealogy research in the future.

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00:30 Major outage of tools on June 4th, 2024

02:48 Ethical considerations for using AI for genealogy

10:38 OpenAI's new content licensing deals

13:54 Google fumbles AI-overview rollout

17:20 Perplexity's innovative Pages tool simplifies research

23:57 OpenAI announces more free stuff included in ChatGPT

29:16 AI Tip of The Week: Treat Your Chatbot Like a Human

32:34 Rapid-fire updates

32:41 OpenAI Announce development of a new large language model

34:08 Partnership between Apple and OpenAI expected soon

35:45 Elon Musk announces $6B investment in Grok.AI

36:38 Meta/Facebook announce a paid version of Meta.AI coming “soon”

39:31 Upcoming Announcements

39:37 Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference

39:45 Ontario Genealogical Society Conference

40:05 Genealogical Research Institute of Pittsburgh

41:07 Tout fini!

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