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Talking Realty - Ohio Real Estate

Talking Realty Episode 5: Andy Chom On Buyer Agents When Selling Your Home

May 26, 2024
Show Notes:

In this episode of Talking Realty, Glen Whitten sits down with Andy Chom to delve into the nuances of working with buyer agents during the home-selling process. Andy provides a wealth of knowledge on various aspects, from negotiation strategies to understanding commissions and how to effectively collaborate with buyer agents to ensure a smooth and profitable sale.

Introduction to Andy Chom:

Andy Chom shares his background in real estate and his experience working with both buyers and sellers. He discusses his journey and what led him to become an expert in the field.

The Role of Buyer Agents:

Andy explains the role of buyer agents and why they are important in the home-selling process. He covers how buyer agents represent their clients and what sellers can expect when working with them.

Navigating Negotiations:

Expert tips on how to navigate negotiations with buyer agents. Andy shares strategies for sellers to get the best possible deal and how to handle counteroffers effectively.

Understanding Commissions:

A deep dive into the commission structure in real estate transactions. Andy clarifies how commissions are typically split and what sellers need to know to avoid common pitfalls.

Leveraging Buyer Agents:

How to leverage buyer agents to your advantage. Andy discusses ways to build positive relationships with buyer agents to facilitate a smoother transaction process.

Common Challenges and Solutions:

Andy addresses common challenges sellers face when working with buyer agents and provides practical solutions to overcome them.

Final Advice and Best Practices:

Andy wraps up the episode with final advice and best practices for sellers. He emphasizes the importance of clear communication and being prepared for all aspects of the selling process.

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