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Talking Realty - Ohio Real Estate

Talking Realty Episode 4: Kim Julen On Using Feng Shui When Selling Your Home

May 26, 2024
Show Notes:

In this episode of Talking Realty, Glen Whitten sits down with Kim Julen, a Feng Shui intuitive coach, to discuss how Feng Shui can help sell homes faster and for more money. Kim shares practical tips and insights on how to create a balanced and harmonious environment that attracts buyers. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, Kim’s advice is actionable and easy to implement. Tune in to learn how to make your home more appealing and boost your odds of a successful sale.

Kim’s Background and Journey:

Kim shares her journey from Minnesota to Maui and how she discovered Feng Shui. She explains how moving to a new place and embracing change led her to a career in helping others find balance and harmony in their environments.

Basics of Feng Shui:

An introduction to Feng Shui principles and how they impact your home and life. Kim explains the concept of energy flow and the importance of creating a balanced space.

Feng Shui for Home Selling:

Practical Feng Shui tips for preparing your home for sale. Kim discusses how to make your home more appealing to buyers by creating a welcoming and balanced environment.

Clearing Space and Energy:

The importance of clearing negative energy from your home and how it can affect the sale. Kim provides tips on how to clear space and create a positive atmosphere.

Balancing Elements:

How to balance the five elements (fire, water, wood, earth, metal) in your home. Kim explains how each element contributes to the overall energy of your space.

Curb Appeal and Entrance:

Tips for improving your home’s curb appeal and making a great first impression. Kim emphasizes the significance of the entrance and how to make it inviting for potential buyers.

Common Feng Shui Mistakes:

Common mistakes to avoid when applying Feng Shui principles. Kim shares insights on what to look out for and how to correct common errors.

Success Stories:

Real-life success stories of clients who sold their homes quickly using Feng Shui. Kim highlights examples of how Feng Shui made a difference in the home-selling process.

Closing Thoughts and Advice:

Final advice from Kim on how to get started with Feng Shui. She encourages listeners to take small steps and see the positive changes in their lives and home sales.

Free Download:

Kim offers a free download: “Open the Door to a Brighter Life.” This includes the Bagua map and tips for creating more flow in your home.

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