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Talking Realty - Ohio Real Estate

Talking Realty Episode 2: Kurt Uhlir on NAR Lawsuits

January 31, 2024
Show Notes: Talking Realty with Glen Whitten – Featuring Kurt Uhlir

  • Introduction to Kurt Uhlir: Explore the journey of Kurt Uhlir, a business leader known for scaling companies from startups to overseeing organizations with significant annual revenues. Kurt’s expertise spans across creating pivotal marketing strategies and technologies impacting the real estate industry.
  • Kurt’s Impact in Real Estate: Delve into Kurt’s transformative role in real estate, focusing on his contributions at eXp Realty and how his leadership helped expand the agent base dramatically within a few years.
  • Consumer Choices in Real Estate: Kurt emphasizes the variety of options available to consumers when selling their homes, challenging the traditional commission-based real estate model. This segment explores alternative selling models that offer flexibility and potentially lower costs.
  • Industry Shifts Post-Lawsuits: Discussion on the implications of recent lawsuits against the National Association of Realtors and major brokerages. Kurt provides insight into how these legal challenges may catalyze changes in the industry, encouraging more transparency and different compensation models for agents.
  • Exploring Agent Specialization: Highlighting the importance of selecting a real estate agent specialized in the seller’s specific property type or market, underscoring the value of expertise over a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Technology’s Role in Real Estate: An analysis of how technological advancements, including AI and social media, are reshaping marketing strategies in real estate. Kurt offers advice on how sellers can leverage these tools to their advantage.
  • Advice for Sellers: Kurt shares actionable tips for sellers navigating the market, stressing the importance of understanding their financial situation, exploring all selling options, and asking the right questions to potential agents.
  • Looking Ahead: Predictions for the future of real estate, focusing on consumer empowerment through knowledge of diverse selling platforms and the potential for direct buyer-agent compensation models.
  • Connect with Kurt Uhlir: For more insights into Kurt’s work and his perspectives on leadership and the real estate industry, visit Kurt Uhlir’s Website.
  • About Talking Realty: Hosted by Glen Whitten, “Talking Realty” is a podcast dedicated to demystifying the home selling process, offering expert advice and stories to help sellers make informed decisions. Visit and for more information and resources.

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