Talking Realty - Ohio Real Estate

Talking Realty - Ohio Real Estate

Talking Realty Episode 1: Maiden Voyage, Changing Real Estate

January 15, 2024

In this inaugural episode of Talking Realty, host Glen Whitten, a 20-year broker and founder of Ohio Property Group, discusses how the internet has changed home selling and introduces how, together, we will peel back the layers of home selling with the goal of saving sellers time, money, and headaches. With his characteristic candor, Glen delves into the recent lawsuits facing Realtors surrounding commission structures, current practices, and the need for change. He sheds light on the Realtor chokehold that has kept commission rates artificially high and how his company, Ohio Property Group, has been breaking the mold with a flat-fee brokerage model since 2003. Learn how to take control of the home selling process and access Ohio Property Group’s free tools to help you succeed.

Show Notes:

  • Introduction to “Talking Realty” and host Glen Whitten, broker and founder of Ohio Property Group.
  • Overview of the Ohio Property Group’s mission: We save sellers time, money, and headaches with unbundled flat-fee real estate services.
  • Discussion on the historical dominance of traditional real estate commissions and the need for change.
  • Insight into the rise of flat fee real estate services as a response to the high costs and inefficiencies of traditional selling methods.
  • Glen shares anecdotes about his experience on the front lines of the real estate industry and the resistance from traditional realtors.
  • Analysis of the recent $1.8 billion verdict against the National Association of Realtors and its implications for the industry.
  • Introduction to Ohio Property Group’s Seller Success Library and resources available for sellers.
  • Overview of the “Living to Listing” digital course designed to transform homes into perfect listings.
  • Invitation for listeners to engage, share their experiences, and contribute to the community.
  • Encouragement for listeners to subscribe, share, and participate in future episodes for more insights and advice.

You can talk to Glen by emailing him at or book a call anytime.