Real Estate Marketing Dude

Real Estate Marketing Dude

Case STUDY: What Happens After 6 Months of Consistent Content Creation?

March 18, 2022

Today is something a little bit different. We're not just not just me, it's not just one other person, we actually have three of us. And what I wanted to do was get into some real life examples of people actually creating content. We have two agents, different parts of the country doing video, and they both been doing it for about over six months. And we want to see exactly what happened, what their experiences were and all that.

Christine Johnson got into Real Estate to be able to give back. Christine and her husband also invest in homes to flip or rent as well as help others find investment properties. Joel Sandman is also an agent who, prior to his career in real estate, spent over a decade in the golf business serving as a PGA Golf Professional and also worked in commercial construction. These past careers allow him to help and serve others at the highest level. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why video is so necessary
  • Real Results from real clients
  • Tips and tricks from people who have been through it before


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So how do you attract new business, you constantly don't have to chase it. Hi, I'm Mike Cuevas to real estate marketing. And this podcast is all about building a strong personal brand people have come to know, like trust and most importantly, refer. But remember, it is not their job to remember what you do for a living. It's your job to remind them. Let's get started

What's up ladies and gentlemen, welcome another episode of the real estate marketing, dude, podcast, what we're gonna be doing today is something a little bit different. We're not just not just me, it's not just one other person, we actually have three of us. And what I wanted to do was get into some real life examples of people actually creating content. One of the things that happens, especially once you get started and you're creating videos, is that you're like, how long is this chick going to take the work? Right? Like, um, you get impatient. And a lot of time, even with me too. Like, I'm, I'm in a process of actually launching my YouTube channel here in San Diego, now that I'm a licensed real estate agent again, and I'm gonna fucking dominate it. But I'm already myself growing impatient, because it does take time, and nothing is going to happen overnight. You have to just be patient with it. This is almost videos like, I don't know, it's like the tortoise and the hare type story. The whole thing with that tortoise won the race because he was just consistent over time. And then the hair kept trying to take all these different shortcuts, and over time, the tortoise won. That's the exact same way that I want you guys to approach video. So what we have today is we have two agents, different parts of the country doing video, and they both been doing it for about over six months. And we want to see exactly what happened, what their experiences were and all that. And if you guys have any questions, you can also read them in and maybe we'll have them back on the show. So without further ado, we're going to go ahead and introduce our guests, Mrs. Christine Johnson and Mr. Joel Sandmann. Joe, why don't you go ahead and tell Brian about who the hell are you wet mark? And let's start with there. And then we're gonna meet Christine, too.

All right. Yeah. Appreciate it, Mike. I'm Joel Sam. And I'm out here in a little town in North Carolina called Winston Salem. And I had been kind of creeping on your stuff for probably about a year before I actually called you. Just curious about it. Cuz I'm, you know, burned by some marketing stuff in the past that didn't work. And I was very hesitant to get on video. But now that I have in kind of dialing in my brand, I'm full steam ahead.

Their roadmap is again, a little addicting. Yeah, I mean,

the thing that I thought before that I wasn't going to have anything to talk about. And now it's I need to actually organize what I need what I want to talk about because there's so much and you got to stay on a on a plan.

Good. And then we got Mrs. Christine Johnson down in San Antonio, Texas. Christina wants to say hello to everyone and tell them who you are, what you're doing, where you come from.

Alright, hey, everybody. I'm Christine Johnson. I am. I've been in San Antonio for about three years, and I came from the Maryland area. So when I came here, I didn't even think I'd be considering real estate started to invest in some homes and flip houses. I decided to get my real estate license so that I could show myself the houses and not have to rely on somebody else to show me these little Junkers I kind of felt bad that they were I was wasting their time. And so I got into that and then kind of took it on as a job as well. So I'm

really like one of those sellers, one of those buyers who just uses the agent to get in the door and then you never call them again and you just call the listing agent directly up. No, I didn't even know. No, I did not do that. Because we have to we have to kick your ass off this podcast right now. No, but um, so Christine is an organist for a little bit of time now, man my over a year, I think. Right? Yeah. And you know, you were new to your market. So I wanted to give people a couple different different things. You're brand new into that market and video, what was your hesitation at first before you got started.

So I was never big and I'm still slacking very much on social media. I don't post a lot I was always just the kind of creeper behind the scenes and I was fearful to put myself out there to show I wasn't one of those people that was like I'm not gonna show my family or anything like that. I just never I just didn't. So coming out of my shell that way was really hard for me. And so when I got into real estate I realized you know, you gotta at least people need to see your you out there. You can't just hide behind it. So I have a degree in editing, film editing, surprisingly enough, is very old degree. So that's dated. But I I was like, you know, I know that video that I did so many research, so much research. I mean, you name it. I did it and Of course, I had been listening to your podcast. And finally I was like, Alright, I'm gonna hit that button and make that demo call. And so um, yeah. And it's been with with you guys ever since then. So

I'm very glad you've done you have we become good friends and even both you guys I like the conversations we have offline. But so I want to start the beginning because I think you guys can share a lot of insight into people who are just thinking and let's start with the first thing that I said. And I'm going through this right now. Like, it's like, Alright, I want things to happen. Like yesterday, most real estate agents are actually like, hi, Dee personalities. And I want to talk a little bit about different types of content. So, first thing is Joel, we'll start with you first. You started creating content, you get your first video out there, Christine YouTube. Actually, remember when you guys first posted you guys were nervous as shit. You guys are like, Oh, I don't know what people are gonna say. You remember that? Oh, yeah. And I'm dude, I'm the same way. Like people like Mike, you're getting nervous to do but if I do a controversial one, I'll get pretty nervous except I post this. Should I not post it? Should I do this? Should I do that? And I'll even get nervous. But that's part of being human. You guys, we had a client a couple weeks ago, and she was nervous to post that first video. She's like, not going to post it. I'm like, dude, just post the damn video. And I do it. While I'm on the call there. By the time we get off share, he has 2530 comments. But why is that? What the hell were you so nervous about? Because if looking back in hindsight, would you ever be nervous again?

Well, I mean, I think we most people would agree in life, right? Like, the scariest thing in life is, is the uncertainty like what will happen? Yeah, you know, even if you know, something bad is gonna happen. If you kind of know the outcome, it's alright. So you know, you're afraid of being judged this than the other. But I think for me, you know, I kind of experienced it a little bit been in real estate for a couple years before getting started with this, that I don't have to be for everybody. It's that's okay. Like, my personality is gonna work great for some and it's not going to for others. And but you know, that is kind of scary. putting yourself out there. Especially, you know, as you get more into developing your own brand, people really get to know you. And you don't want to get a big portion of people that may not use you. I guess that would be a concern.

How about you, Christine?

Okay, um, I'm sorry. Can you repeat that question?

What was it when you're starting? What were you so hesitant about like it? Would you ever look back at that again, and be like, Dude, I was like, worried about like, so stupid.

Yeah, so I would, I would definitely do it again. 100 times again. Um, I remember that day. Like, it was yesterday, though, when I was, you know, when you fear the comments, and for someone that doesn't post on Facebook, I was like, Oh, God, no, I have to tend to Facebook and I have to look and it was like, people were so responsive. And now they're like, where's your videos? Because, you know, I haven't seen any and I'm like, they're there. You just have to go to the YouTube channel. And and, you know, I get really busy sometimes, so I haven't had a chance to put as many out there. But, but yeah, I think it's a good thing. And I think if you're not doing it, you should be doing it because once you do it once, then it just becomes easier each time you do it and now I mean, now I just videotaped myself I don't even help so our encouragement, you know, so and I just talked to my camera it's easy.

One of the guys Oh, I was just gonna say once you you know, Do this a few times you start getting in the flow of like, God I hate the way that I sound on camera. Like once you get over that you can kind of relax a little bit. I think people start reacting your videos way more to like your personality is actually starting to come out you know, see that you're not reading or anything like that yet

we've just you know, that's that's normal to you guys. I mean, it's part of the the progression like first time you do anything, you're nervous, including riding a bike, get on an airplane going on a roller coaster, but do people stopped doing it? No, they seek that thrill. And truthfully what's really happening within the industry today is that people are if you're not marketing the people that you already know no other note that you've used in the past somebody else is and video is really just more about attention and whatnot. I want to bring up jokes Joe said something about putting yourself out there and he was really nervous about this but Joe you put out a you did you in a lot like you we you put yourself on a video. Do you mind if I share that story right here? Yeah, go for me. So Joel, put out a video he created a you get back out. I'll let you share the story and why you did it. But yeah, Joel, in the past used to be an alcoholic. And he came out and told his database that so many people would not have the balls to do that. And I haven't even talked to you to see how received that was that in detail or whatnot. But why don't you tell everybody what you did with that what you're thinking with it and sort of how that came about?

Yeah, so I'm, you know, still a recovering alcoholic. Now I've got a little over eight years of sobriety. And as you're mentioning now I, I'm pretty grateful just to kind of be here, you know, to, to have been able to get married to have kids and to just experience life. And so yeah, I did a little bit of a video on my story and how I kind of got I got carried away with it, and how I've been able to, you know, at least in my eyes, be have a pretty successful life now. And like, it's, it's all right, like, none of us are perfect. You know, we've all got shit in our closets that other people don't know about. And you can come out the other side. But you know, I talked to Mike about it before I, you know, did this, like, Is this too much? And Ken encouraged me to do it. You know, people always ask you real estate, what's your what's your income goal? You know, what are you hoping to make this happen the other, I've kind of pivoted my business now to where, on every transaction, we get back a percentage of the commission, and I don't have an income goal anymore. Now I have a charitable goal. You know, my goal is to be able to give $20,000 of my commission every year to charity or more. And, you know, right now, we're on pace to exceed that this year.

1000 church on Sunday. And, you know, like the, when you give your offering up, we go through a tidy thing. And those stories, man every single day up my tide when I got home on Sunday, because of that. And I do think that when you give, you always give back, I just think it's the way the world re rewards you. I say that as a Christian. But, folks, I've seen it happen in so many different people's businesses. Tell. You have a reason, though, why you're doing that is because you wanted to bring awareness to a program, about how you give back and talk about specifically what that program does, like you're raising money, but what's the cause behind it?

Yeah, so we kind of came up, you know, my show name is driving triad, because I've got a background as a golf professional before real estate. But my program is thriving triad, I take 5% of every commission that I earn. And that goes back to it's the client's choice that they have a charity that they really like, but if they don't either give it back to the United Way here. Davidson County, because I do a lot with substance abuse and addiction and mental health crisis, because depression was a big part of my issue as well. And then also to the Mental Health Association in Forsyth County, that kind of leaned into that and joined on the board of both of those nonprofits and trying to, you know, do a little bit of good within the community when I can and use what, what, you know, little platform that I have for good.

What was your response? When you posted that? Like, did you get any comments? Are you getting clients because like, that's, that's serious stuff, man. Like, you get it that's hard to do for somebody, I commend you on doing it. But my guess is that it went well. But tell me if it went bad, I'm super curious. So what happened?

No, no, like, great. You know, I had some people that I hadn't talked to in quite a while reached out to me that kind of going through their own struggles as well meet up for coffee lunch, and a couple of people have started their own journeys to sobriety not not because that obviously they've already been thinking about it, but they have somebody they can confide in that they know they don't have any judgment from. And you know, as far as my business in that it's it's not been an issue like said you do business with people, you know, like and trust. And when you have common factors. If you have something in common with somebody, especially as deep as that other people who've struggled with addiction and depression and things like that. There's just that instant connection that you know, you're going to, you're going to jive well together and it just goes that much easier. But it's it's been great. I had some past clients reach out to me as well just kind of offers support and things like that. And so it's not a good thing. People will never

not cheer on a champion and a comeback kid you guys it's a story of every movie that exists. Don't be scared to embrace your faults, strengths and weaknesses and expose them to the world because that authenticity is what people want when they're hiring anyone that's going to represent them for the most expensive, maybe even most stressful transaction will ever do in your lifetime. Christine, I remember your one of your favorite videos I saw you do was the one that you went off the wall in front of a fireplace. You just told her how it was. And again, Christine, you start at the beginning you're trying to have a little struggle with scripting but he got more and more comfortable. When did you start you got this new your search results like lightning roll? Can you a little bit No. When did that start happening? Why don't you talk a little bit more about that.

I don't know I don't I noticed it on my like my video that I just I'm getting ready to release. Yep, I was like Huh, I guess I don't know. I think you'd like to hear it out. I did and I I just I think because The script was coming from personal experience, I think when it comes when it's not something that I am uncomfortable with, like, let's say you're doing certain neighborhoods or something that's, that's great. But like, I don't know, that neighborhood, as well as I know, my own neighborhood, or, you know, the one that I just did the whole fake Bernie thing, I made it all completely up. But that's, that's why I think it came so naturally, was because it's my opinion of where I live in the surrounding areas of what I was talking about. Same with my little, you know, Christmas thing and from my fireplace that came so naturally, because it's things that I think about every time somebody gives me that gift, I'm like, man, does anybody else get these silly things? And so yeah, I mean, I think I think it's when it's more natural, it's just becomes more camera.

Yeah, I think you hit on the head, you have to do stuff you're excited about otherwise, it's not gonna last period. And anything you do, it's not like a video thing. But you have to, there's so many different types of videos you can create. You're right, you can't just do it, just to check a box, you got to do it, because you're actually excited. And when you are that authenticity shines out from when you guys look, keep it with you. When you started with videos, how long until you know, people started talking? Months wise, weeks wise, it happened quickly, what did you see? What's the difference? We'll start from the beginning. Sorry, Christine.

I'll say I started seeing I started getting contacted within maybe six was like six months. And then like when it happened, I got like three people all at once that were all people from out of state. And it was crazy, because they were huge leads, and I've since closed on them. And then it comes to kind of waves and then you know now lately with the market, I get a lot of people wanting to rent, just because they, you know, can't buy right now. But so the calls come in like waves and was super exciting when I got my first call from somebody from Maryland. And so I helped that family of you know, 10 move here and relocate. And it was pretty awesome. And we stay in great contact. So. So yeah.

You don't accidentally find someone from Maryland. Like it's not how it was just a perfect example of how you attract like, people. When you got the couple from Maryland, you got us to go to breweries together.

Oh, I talked to them all the time. Yeah, we don't go anywhere because they had little kids and like everything. But But yeah, we talk all the time.

Joe, how about you?

Yes, I'm just just getting past six months right now and got my first offer accepted from a YouTube lead just two days ago. But I've been working with quite a few and getting getting people you know, accustomed to the meeting with people that come here for the weekend. So I probably have seven or eight active buyers that I'm working with right now from from YouTube. But I would say right, immediately, I'd say maybe two months after I started doing videos, I started getting a lot of comments from different people within the industry here that hey, I see all your videos you're doing around town, they're really cool. I love how you're putting the city in a in a positive light. And I started getting more referrals from my sphere. I've never been this busy in the winter ever. You know, I've kept consistently between eight to 10 places under contract since November, which is much much busier than I normally am.

Great point. When you're creating the content, this is the biggest thing we see is like people you don't distribute it without a point. Like no one's gonna see the videos. And so like, a lot of times I see like a lot of people will say, alright, I'm just gonna do YouTube. And if you don't get views on YouTube, then it didn't work. Well, the way the content you create on YouTube will determine whether or not you get views on YouTube. Not that it's YouTube. Like you have to create content people search for on there. But regardless of what you guys are creating, you're always putting in front of your ongoing networks. And if you focus on building your brand and your channel at the same time and not just one or the other, you double dip exactly like that. Christina, you're new to your area. Right? You were new to San Antonio, you said three years ago. Yep. So you didn't have quite a referral network to go into you're much like what I'm going to be dealing with here. All my friends here in real estates, I can't really sell them houses. I'm gonna go I'm gonna have to go cold Legion like and I'm gonna have to go all in on the YouTube side of things. So tell me about what happened. And as you start to develop new friends and family new people, you building the list, you nurture them, are you getting referrals? Tell me what's happening with that?

Yes, um, so yeah, so obviously it didn't have any friends didn't have a sphere didn't have any of that. So everything was pretty much you know, busting my butt to do stuff, you know, by Lee not buy leads, but lead gen all that sort of stuff. But once I got into the video, things started to really kick off putting the videos out on Facebook. Right there people remember Oh, hey, you know you're doing the real estate I forgot. You know, you're so brave. I can't believe you're doing that a lot of realtor friends of mine, from even college that are just getting into real estate, say that, you know, I need to do that video stuff. And then like, you know, my husband, my husband works with the military, I get a lot of military referrals. You know, we're very close with military. And now I've built friendships, I've built relationships in my neighborhood, I'm very involved in my neighborhood. Ladies Night, you know, I'm always at ladies night, every single every single week, not even thinking about real estate stuff, but we're always they're always talking about it, you know, asking me like, so what's latest gossip? You know, it's so and so I heard yourself in their house. And so I'm like, I'm not saying anything, you know, kind of those type of things. But, um, but yeah, they're really starting to roll in now. So it's really cool.

He is like, you gotta keep building the list, though. And even for you guys, like you guys can't stop building those lists, because you hit your own glass ceiling. Everyone's always like, oh, I want to do more and more deals will double your database. It's very simple. The more people who know how you do the more referrals in a business for you to get because 80% of them are gonna use the first person they meet with. So it's either gonna be you or somebody else. And if you're keeping your content in front of them, yeah, you get that little people tend to look up to you like a celebrity status is different. You feel it when you're meeting with people. And they'll be like, Oh, I seen your videos, and you're already they already like you because of it. You don't know what it is. Have you guys felt that? Sorry. I call like the unfair advantage. And you feel like they think that you're like, dude, I'm just a fucking human being like, What the hell are you talking about? I'm fine. Like, I just shot a video, bro. Like, chill the fuck out. I had a girl.

Yes, it happened to me.

I had a girl asked me for my autograph right before COVID hit. I was doing a an event in. In South Florida two weeks before the pandemic hit. I was doing a lot of speaking at that time before the pandemic came. But she came up and she goes, I get your autograph. I'm like, give me your autograph. Like that is just insane. And that's what happens to a lot of the content. There's a dude out here. He's an exp. Guy's name's Kyle whistle, shout out to Kyle whistle. He's been doing video forever. But the way that he heard him say something that really stuck out, he says, my videos are like my employees because they're always on 24/7 working for me. So when you have your content sort of everywhere, people you don't know who's watching them. And folks, it's not the number of views that people who watch your videos all the time. So often I see Realtors gauge the success of a video campaign by how many views they get, which they're really doing is they're engaging the success of their campaign by how much their egos been stroked. And there's a major difference in that. And it's my strategy. So important period. If you don't have like, You got to be excited about it. You got to know why you're doing videos. But know the different types of videos to create for that. That's the number one thing I see so many agents. Why is it my real estate content getting 300,000 views on YouTube? Because it's fucking boring. I'm sorry. Right? Does it mean that video is not worth doing but it there is you have to take that stuff into consideration. Real Estate content, I got a ton of it. My least engaged stuff. Even my video marketing contents, my least engaged stuff. Right? The Matrix video we did was funny, it was fun. That thing rocked because we did something a little bit outside the box. But I just talked about, hey, here are the top three tips to do video marketing. Sorry, most people are checked out. So it's not it's not just in real estate. It's in my business. Anytime you talk about work with the people you serve, you're sort of being checked out.

Well, yeah, I mean, like, they've already done a transaction with you at this point. Like they don't need to the market update every week. They want to know what else cool is going around on around town like and, you know, I think that's a good strategy for anybody to if you want to get to talk to you know, places that you know are popular in town already offer to give them some free publicity, right? Like you're already a fan of theirs, you're trying to take their fans and convert them into your fans as well. You know, get this restaurant that you love in town that has 10,000 followers on Facebook. Oh, you know go there all the time. You know the owner go talk to him. Yeah, you can get him get her or him on video and talk about how awesome they are and don't even talk about anything about yourself because you're associated with them then and people are gonna like you because we have the same favorite spot.

What do you guys like doing the most out of your personally? What do you what kind of content do you like creating most Joel then we'll go to Christine next.

I don't know. I mean, like I have a bunch of stuff I wanted to do and you kind of kept me in check and said like, hey, you know, stay on this YouTube plan first to go ahead and get your regional terms knocked off. And that's been huge, because I really didn't want to do that like pros and cons of the three different cities around me but those have done really well. I've enjoyed now bringing on a team member being able to banter back and forth with him a little bit because that puts us both at ease. But I'm I'm looking forward to Getting out more. Now, once we have our local area knocked down on the YouTube stuff, getting out and talking to people within the community about people that are doing good things, you know, just kind of bring positivity to the area.

I like business owner interviews personally. So like, that's where a lot of if you're looking to build like a local audience, like you'll meet the business owners, brewery owners, like I'm gonna do a lot of breweries, because I just want the relationships, you know, I just want to go in there and get free beer, invite my friends, maybe have a client party there and all that. And at the same time, once you start nurturing those people, we've seen people like literally hijack clients from other agents doing that. They say hijack meaning, like they don't use that other agent anymore. It's because you're creating TV commercials, but those videos aren't going to perform on YouTube. So a lot of people won't do them. It's a totally different strategy, guys. Christine, what do you tend to gravitate towards? What do you like?

Well, you know, me, I'm the shot type trying to get out there. Also green screen, so don't get it twisted people. I still can't get in front of everybody. Um, you know, I'm in huge in the brewery industry. And so we

I've been begging Christine to get up, give me some brew tours. I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna do it. I'm not your deal. Christine. If you come up to San Diego, I'll take you to a brewery and we'll shoot a tour together. And then I'll train you. I'll train you at the same time. And we'll go ahead and do I'll give you a San Antonio. Welcome San Diego, we'll do the San brewery tour only under the one condition. Two weeks within the time that that video publishes. I want to see your footage in our folders on your own movie tour.

I will call my friends that are brewers right now that own these breweries and I will see

you Burke's hold you guys hold it. I call them forks. Forks. You folks heard it here first. Sorry. Had a little tongue twister there. What else would you guys say for you know what else is struggle wise over overcome wise like what else do you guys think you could share that anybody else would? Maybe questions you get think challenges you've overcome

it guess you know first like you may not even really want to reach out to somebody see if they want to talk to you on video cuz you're like, ah, you know, haven't really done anything yet. Listen, like it's your you're genuinely trying to help them. It helps you in return great. But as long as you're genuine in your requests, like, hey, you know, I love your spot. Can you want to talk about it? Most people even if they know you're not getting 1000s of views will say yeah, man, come on. Let's do this. You'll never know anything until you ask. Yeah, take that first step.

Yeah, what do they have to lose? You're giving them free publicity? Exactly. Yeah,

most most businesses are in and once you do a couple, like they'll come out to you trust me, they'll reach out to you. But it is easier once you have the first one or two business owner interviews because once they see I'm like shit, that looks pretty good. And then like, yeah, I will do that on my on my, on my business. What they don't want is like the first time when you don't have content business owner might be like, what are we really gonna do? The things are gonna really put something together. Is it gonna look legit? You know, and they're a little worried cuz I waste my time. I'm busy. But um, yeah, it you're right, it does. Once you have a couple of gifts, everything gets easier. But that's how anything goes. Once you do a little bit of anything, everything gets a lot easier. I like it guys. What do you guys gonna do next? How many are you currently doing per month? And Christine, you're doing like, you're averaging like one a month, one to month, not creating 10 to 20 videos a month.

I was I was doing really good. And then I you know, the content gets dry. Right? So you gotta you know, it's hard to write, keep writing, you kind of rewrite the same things in different ways. Like you said, that's how you got to do it. I get it. But I was trying to gear towards like, where I like to where I think there's not a lot of content out there, which I need there needs to be is where I live in right outside of San Antonio. Yeah, it's a huge area people coming in. So I'm going to start focusing on that area and see how how things change for me.

She's located in the northern suburbs, right by Bernie, Texas, correct?

Yeah, I'm in Bernie Texas. Yep.

So if you guys have reloads. I know half of the state of California is moving over that way. So feel free to contact Christine. She'll put her info on the show notes. And I'm sure we'll plug it at the very end here. Joe all by yourself, what are you gonna do next?

Now I'm now that springs flowing around and grass is green it up? I'm actually I want to talk to you about delving into my golf background a little bit more. And doing some you know, some people are gonna think it's goofy shit, right? But talk about things that are fundamental to your, you know, tying in fundamentals for your golf game into the home buying process, you know, starting up good foundation, things like that, you know, find ways but also want to do like top three golf course communities in and around Winston Salem, Greensboro. because, you know, that's completely subjective, right? There's going to be in my eyes like what golf courses do I love to play where what neighborhoods do I like to I don't probably

do good on YouTube too. It's just golf, golf community tours that you can literally do. So here I made a deal with myself last night, I was up till 3am. So I have these big bags under my eyes. I was one working on my funnel, but to I couldn't shut my brain off. And once a month, I get into like this weird stage where I just stay up on that and can't sleep. So I'm just thinking about different things. So why part of the reason I had that anxiety was because I was like, I really because my YouTube channel is not fucking kicking, I don't have enough content, right? I told you, we were just talking about this pisses me off, I'm like, I need to get business yesterday, I've only been licensed for 10 days, and I'm pissed off already. So I got a, I made the commitment to myself last night, I'll make it on the podcast. And I'm gonna start publishing all of the content, just like I publish my other content. And I'm going to go and do a ton of tours and brewery tours. And I've committed in my head to have my own content a two to three per week. For my real estate business, it's a lot. But I'm going to perform a case study I myself live as a brand new agent with no business, no friends, no family, no aunts and uncles, no past clients, and no market. I don't know anyone in but real estate people. And if my gut is correct, within 12 months, I'll have a team of 10 people. The only way that's going to happen is you're consistent communication to the same audience and brand over time. That's it. Video is just a way to meet people online without having to meet them in person. And if you're an introvert, that's like the best fucking thing of both worlds.

Yeah, I think that's actually something that it's funny, you bring it up like I am. And I'm definitely not the most outgoing person out there. And my wife is a hermit. So we really don't get out. I wouldn't say like I would not is is the golf course. And in video now, that's where I meet people. And then the other thing I want to tie in like, but the two things that I enjoy doing most outside of work is golf, and hanging out with my kids, like so places that I enjoy playing and play golf. And where do I like taking my kids? Like, where's a good place? The family places around town?

Work? I like it. I like it, Christine. Yes. We'll get you we'll get you outdoors. Whatever that that first video, we'll post it here, we'll send out to our clients to we'll send it out to the email. So make sure you guys subscribe the show here. And you'll be seeing Christine doing her first business interview. But here's the thing is that you have it doesn't matter. The answer doesn't matter. Joel's not writing either as Christina, neither mine on what our strategies are what's right is you have to do something you're excited about. Right, and then do it consistently. Agree, mine is going to be very San Diego transplant like and I'm just going to tell my story of my five year journey here, which will be really authentic. And I know I'll connect with people that way. That's how I could create content. What I can't create content on is the cost of living. Because even though I've licensed I don't know the cost of living entirely like I did in Chicago, Chicago, I could name off top my head, but I'm getting new brand new market. So be interesting to see where the next 12 months takes us. Folks, I appreciate your guys's time, I think you guys gave people a lot to think about you guys have any other closing thoughts you want to mention. I'll start with Christine first.

I would say if you been thinking about it, and then you just need to do it because it's well worth it in might make you feel comfortable if teams amazing. So I have zero regrets. And I have no plan on leaving.

I appreciate that. But folks, it's not whether you do in me or not. This isn't a buy my shit pitch even though if you want to I will take your money, however, and I love your business, but get on it. Like it doesn't matter what you do with video. But like I said before, if it's not you somebody else's marketing and infiltrated your network on a daily basis, many times depending on your market, it's in the form of huge ibuyers Discount companies and big Wall Street companies have a lot more money than you. And your personal brand has never been more important because without one you won't last in the damn business. Joel, you're up?

Yeah, I would. I would say the same thing. I wish I had started this when I first got into real estate four years ago. You know, I wish I'd done it from day one. But I will say I'm gonna go ahead and teach your own horn even if you don't want me to. I think that you've done this before, right? You were a real estate agent. You're getting back into it again. He understands how to do it. If you're thinking about doing video like this team's extremely easy to work with. And I don't even have to run Facebook ads. I do it all for me now. I like you're going to get busy if you start doing this and you need people like Mike and his team to help you get it out there.

I appreciate that. And like I said didn't need another plug but I do appreciate that Dude, this isn't rocket science video makes you more popular with the more attention that your brand has, the more people you're going to track. There's someone in your market right now, regardless of where you're at, you're on the treadmill, wherever you're doing. And there's some dude in your market or some chick in your market and you're like, What the hell is that dude, or that chick doing that? You guys probably have this person in your brain like, how how's that gonna kill me? Like he's crushing me right now. Or she's crushing me. They're a moron. The only difference between them in any of us or any of you listening right now is that they have more attention than your brand currently does now doesn't make them smarter, better, bigger or better. They just have more attention, aka popularity. That's all video is don't approach it with Legion. Second, you do. The second you will not last long term. If you approach it in the long term. Tortoise versus hare analogy we presented today it'll always work. Folks want to go ahead and if you guys have clients or referrals, Winston Salem, Greensboro and there's another one there that try it on Greensboro, high point, high point. Okay, so Joel, you go first and then Christine, you go next, tell them where your sights are, they could contact you. If you guys do need any relocation clients, you couldn't be in better hands. They do a lot of these already serving these types of people from the YouTube channel so they know exactly what they're doing. And I'm sure you guys would welcome the referrals if you want to go ahead and plug your stuff right here.

Absolutely. If anybody has anybody moving to the triad area of North Carolina, Greensboro, high point, Winston Salem especially, would love to help them Joel Sam man phone numbers 336-582-9210 And website is Sandman Realty and C as in North

Cool Christine floors yours

all right. Anybody relocating needs any help I also specialize with the military PCs assignments, things like that. In the San Antonio surrounding areas, Bernie any any area around there? You can find me I my website. Yes, but you can mostly find me on like Instagram at C Johnson 1006. Or you could call call or text me at 443-878-7772

Cool. Thanks, guys. And thank you for listening another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. Make sure you subscribe, leave us some more reviews and connect with us on social and like you heard today. Get on video guys. I mean, I don't care if you do it with me or anyone else but I'm just telling you, personal brand is the most important thing we have. It's the only thing that we have that as a survives any type of correction or any type of a market that we survive in because real estate's always being transacted. But what type of real estate is being transacted will differ as the market changes. So thank you guys for listening and make sure you connect with us on social YouTube. I got this tick tock started a few videos back again it started again in April we're delayed but I'll have that up to appreciate you guys love you have a good one. Peace we thank you for watching another episode of the real estate marketing dude podcast. If you need help with video or finding out what your brand is, visit our website at WWW dot real estate marketing We make branding and video content creation simple and do everything for you. So if you have any additional questions, visit the site, download the training, and then schedule a time to speak with the dude and get you rolling in your local marketplace. Thanks for watching another episode of the podcast. We'll see you next time.