Real Estate Marketing Dude

Real Estate Marketing Dude

Zillow Buys ShowingTime, What You Can Do About It

February 20, 2021

I’m sure you’ve heard the news, Zillow is now becoming your direct competitor so it’s up to you to stand out, and you do that through a strong brand and attracting attention. By focusing on the customer experience you’ll never be chasing business, but instead attracting the people you want to work with, no matter what corporation wants to compete.

Today I’m going solo to talk about how to compete with iBuyers and online competition going forward. We’ll talk about why people actually hire you, the top strategies agents can adapt into their own business, and the 3 offers you should be giving to every client when you help sell their home. This topic fires me up and I want to show you exactly what action steps you can take to level up going forward, you won’t want to miss

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What ShowingTime is and how you can compete

    • If you haven’t heard about Zillow now wanting to be your direct competition, I’ll tell you all about it and what you need to know going forward.

  • Why giving options to your clients is essential and what you should be offering

    • If your only offer to your clients is to post their listing and wait for a buyer, you will soon be passed up by iBuyers, renovators, and everything in between so I want to help teach you how to implement those offers into your business to stay competitive as more selling options continue to become available.

  • What personal brand can do to keep you in business and grow even faster

    • You can never be passed up by a corporation or large investor if you continue to have personal relationships, meaningful experiences, and genuinely happy customers. I’ll talk about how to give a customer experience that makes people want to spend more time and work with you, time and time again.

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