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Real Estate Marketing Dude

How This Agent Grew to 40,000 TikTok Followers in 6 Months with Alex Dunbar

February 06, 2021

TikTok, you hear about it over and over, but should you be utilizing it in your marketing strategy going forward? Truth is, there’s no avoiding it, and from what we’ve seen, it’s here to stay so I’m going to help you take full advantage of the platform to use it as a reliable lead generation technique for your real estate business in 2021 and beyond.

Alex Dunbar is a top residential real estate agent with Dunbar Real Estate Group in the Langley, British Columbia area, who also happens to have a strong TikTok presence. Throughout 2020, Alex began building out content on his TikTok page with really no idea just how much untapped potential was in the platform. After seeing a quick jump in viewership and engagement, he doubled down and now sits just above 43,000 followers. In addition to TikTok, Alex uses other social media platforms for his marketing and has found that to be one of the best ways to have a consistent presence with his audience.

On this episode of the podcast, Alex brings his TikTok knowledge to talk about his successes and failures on this new social media platform. We dive into what content works best, how to have a consistent stream of video ideas, when to post, and a whole bunch of other TikTok best practices. Listen in to learn how to crush your TikTok journey and how to use it as a consistent stream of warm leads!

Today’s Topics

  • Why you should be using TikTok in your marketing strategy

  • What virality is and how to go viral on the platform

  • Using TikTok to reach your audience, without constantly selling to them

  • What is the TikTok algorithm and how it works

  • How consistent should you be posting on TikTok

  • When are the best times to post on the platform and why

  • TikTok doesn’t have to be a big production piece, how to edit your videos quickly

  • Best practices on the platform for beginners or even seasoned pros

  • The 4 types of content to create on TikTok

Connect with Alex

If you want to reach Alex for any further TikTok questions check out his website or email him at!


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