Real Estate Marketing Dude

Real Estate Marketing Dude

YouTube Views vs. Personal Branding

January 16, 2021

Do YouTube views even matter? Does subscriber count matter? What if my video only gets 20 views? Good questions, but it’s not so cut and dry. Today, we dive deep and debunk the YouTube myths that are stopping you from winning your market with video. If you want to know what really matters when it comes to leveraging YouTube for your business, you’re gonna want to listen in on this one.

YouTube is at a stage in its growth that anyone can dominate their market and gain business on the platform. Don’t be fooled, not all content is supposed to go YouTube, in fact most content isn’t best for YouTube. Don’t let it be a guessing game, understand best practices and let my past trials and tribulations guide you in taking advantage of this social opportunity.

Listen in on this episode to learn the YouTube strategy we give to all of our clients, and the 3 step implementation plan to get started on video. This content is massively valuable, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it totally transitioned your business away from lead generation and into attracting referrals, the gift that keeps on giving! Don’t wait any longer, this window will close soon as more people get on the platform. Start today!

Today’s Topics

  • The truth about YouTube views, do they even matter?

  • What content does best on YouTube

  • The 3 step YouTube implementation strategy

  • My YouTube experience as a realtor and what you can take away

  • Why you can be an ‘expert’ in nearly any industry through video

  • The impact video has on your personal brand

  • YouTube is a search engine, you need to treat it like that

  • YouTube videos are amazing for multi purposing

  • Lead generation vs. attracting referrals, which one should you focus on?

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