Note To Self: Looking Inward with Ayushi Mathur

Note To Self: Looking Inward with Ayushi Mathur

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Identifying Subconscious Stress & Anxiety | Ayushi Mathur
April 18, 2023

Subconscious stress and anxiety can be extremely difficult to identify and address, as they often lurk beneath the surface of our conscious thoughts and emotions. These underlying feelings can manifest in a variety of physical and mental symptoms, includi

The Power Anger Holds On Us
April 05, 2023

This podcast is named Note To Self, and the best note to ourselves we can convey is that it is okay to not be okay. Most of our adult lives we spend dismissing our emotions and suppressing how we really feel about a situation but that has consequences.

My Journey with Anxiety: 6 Ways I Cope With Anxiety
October 10, 2021

It has been a scary, rocky road figuring out and then healing from the most horrific anxiety attacks I've had a few years back. It took me time, knowledge and a lot of self work to go from 2-3 panic attacks a month to hardly any in 10 months. This is the

How to Overcome the Fear of Failure
October 06, 2021

The fear we have of failure can often eclipse the motivation to succeed. The insecurity about doing things incorrectly causes many people to subconsciously sabotage their own chances for success. Fear is part of human nature and feeling the fear of failur

Setting Boundaries is a Courageous Act of Self Love
September 26, 2021

Do the people in your life know how you do and do not like to be treated? Are there things people you're close to end up saying that you don't appreciate? It is a difficult question to answer. We all have triggers that bring about a negative emotional res

Starting the Process of Personal Growth: Self Work Tips
September 05, 2021

You want to achieve financial success? You want meaningful relationships? You want to lead a healthy life? It all begins with doing the self-work. Self work is giving the time and resources to your self to achieve personal growth. Self work is the key to

6 Ways to Build Lasting Self Esteem
July 04, 2021

Your sense of self esteem impacts your decision making process, your relationships, your emotional health, and your overall well-being. It also influences motivation, as people with a healthy, positive view of themselves understand their potential and may

Conquering Limiting Beliefs: A Set Path to Success
June 26, 2021

How often are we limited by our own thoughts? How often do we stand in our own way of e all have certain deep seated beliefs about ourselves that we keep repeating in our heads. And more often than not, these beliefs are negative, these beliefs are limiti

Being Authentic & Creative on Social Media in 2021 ft. Swati Rai
June 13, 2021

There has been a global erosion of trust on digital media with phenomenon like fake news, which has led people to distrust information unless completely authentic and honest. As human beings, trust is the glue that holds any meaningful relationship togeth

Overcoming Challenges of Running a Startup as a Young Woman ft. Muskan Saxena
June 06, 2021

First episode with a guest on board and I'm beyond excited for this segment of my podcasts. This episode's guest is a young, 22 year old start up owner, Muskan Saxena. She started her own wellness product brand called MYSA International in 2020 and in thi