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82. Andor (Ep. 1-3)
October 03, 2022

In yet another episode of the McDoncast, Sam and Tucker talk about more Warner Bros. shenanigans, the Last of Us trailer, and Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine for Deadpool 3! Enjoy this very long episode that Tucker forgot to post on time and is now do

81. The Woman King
September 22, 2022

In this incredible episode, Patrick makes his grand return via low quality audio on Discord. He joins Sam and Tucker as they give their thoughts on The Woman King as well as the news surrounding GTA VI being leaked, Sony moving movies around, and a sequel

80. D23 and the September Nintendo Direct
September 17, 2022

After weeks of almost nothing happening in entertainment: Nintendo, Disney, Sony, and more decided to drop tons of news on everything from The Legend of Zelda to Inside Out 2 to more Assassin's Creed that no one cares about! Watch as Sam, Tucker, and a ha

79. She-Hulk Catch Up and D23 2022 Preview
September 12, 2022

Sam, Tucker, and Max sit down to discuss the full D23 2022 slate, XBOX having some trouble, and National Cinema Day 2022! All while experiencing our trademark numerous technical problems! All this and more on this week's McDoncast!

78. Who Should Direct Secret Wars?
September 02, 2022

Sam and Tucker sit down during a slow news week to talk about Fantastic Four finding a director, DC finding a new Kevin Feige, and Legendary finding a new home. We also give our picks for who should direct Avengers: Secret Wars. All this and more on this

77. What Should Be Done With Superman?
August 28, 2022

In the *Epic* Season 3 premiere of the McDoncast , the whole gang returns to ask the ultimate question: What should DC do with Superman in movies? They also talk about the HBO Max cutting multiple projects, Disney Plus Day 2022, and much more on this week

76. The McSeason 2 Finale!
August 28, 2022

Sam, Tucker, and Patrick reunite in the Season Finale in order to discuss The CW, Lady Gaga, and a new SAW film. All of this news would have been very cool in 2010! They also talk about the Rick and Morty Season 6 trailer, Cobra Kai Season 5, and Black Ad

75. McNintendo News: The News About Splatoon 3 and Pokemon
August 16, 2022

The McDoncast boys assemble around an all new set to discuss news about Pokemon: Scarlet and Violet, Splatoon 3, HBO Max, and even more! All on this week's episode of the McDoncast! (Around 1hr 5min, the audio becomes worse because the mics stopped workin

74. The McDeath of Batgirl and The Flash
August 06, 2022

Sam and Tucker sit down to discuss Warner Brothers Discovery's strange decision to cancel Batgirl, the end of the The Flash in Season 9, the second trailer for Andor, and much more on this week's McDoncast!

73 (Pt. 2). Every Other Comic Con '22 Announcement
July 30, 2022

In the first part of the episode, the McDoncast crew discussed all of the Marvel Studios announcements from Comic Con 2022 and now they return in part two to discuss announcements from Dungeons & Dragons, DC Films, Keanu Reeves, and much more! All of