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92. Mandalorian Season 3 and MORE
March 02, 2023

Sorry bout the audio sometimes mistakes are made, BUT OH BOY We've got quite a few topics for y'all this week! Mandalorian, Justin Roiland allegations Phineas and Ferb AND A YEAR OF NETFLIX MOVIES all this week on the FUNNEST PODCAST IN TOWN

91. Most Anticipated Movies of 2023!
January 31, 2023

The Funnest Podcast in Town™ returns with the longest and most nonsensical episode yet! Sam, Tucker, and sorta Patrick set down on yet another different set in order to discuss all of the big movies coming in 2023! They also take too long to talk about so

December 26, 2022

Part avatar review, part Christmas extravaganza, all a great time today on the funnest PODCAST IN TOWN!!!

89. Henry Cavill is OUT as SUPERMAN
December 20, 2022

The Boys return for yet another episode filled with news on all your favorite topics! They talk about The Game Awards Winners, the Golden Globe Nominations, Trailers for Spider-Verse and Scream VI, and the never ending chaos that is the DC Universe! Thank

88. Violent Night
December 18, 2022

Sam and Tucker return for yet another long delayed and technically inept episode! This time they discuss the critically praised Christmas film Violent Night and talk in vague terms about Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery a movie that Netflix does not want

December 16, 2022

SO MUCH NEWS!! New pokemon games released! Black panther review! Full phase 4 thoughts and summary! and so much MORE!! also this episode is a bit of a mess sorry ):

86. Tales of the Jedi
December 16, 2022

Sam and Tucker return to your favorite podcast so that they have an excuse to talk about Tales of the Jedi without preparing for the discussion beforehand. They also talk Marvel Trailers, news about a new Star Wars film, and delve even deeper into the lan

85. Black Adam and Halloween Spooktacular
December 16, 2022

In this very spooky episode of the podcast, Sam and Tucker talk about Black Adam, the hierarchy of power of the DC Universe changing, and play some spooky games. Happy Halloween!

84. DC Shakeup and Percy Jackson Returns
December 16, 2022

In a very delayed episode, Sam and Tucker talk about changes coming to DC Films, Percy Jackson returning to his original series, Harrison Ford joining the MCU for some reason, and more!

83. Werewolf By Night and She-Hulk
December 16, 2022

In a new episode of the McDoncast, Sam and Tucker catch up on some recent Marvel TV projects: Werewolf By Night and She-Hulk! They also cover the normal news of the week and shenanigans ensue. Enjoy! (Sorry this episode was so late I was really busy this