222 Paranormal Podcast

222 Paranormal Podcast

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Stranger Bridgerland Series Author John E. Olsen Eps. 167
September 29, 2019

Paranormal Author John E. Olsen

The Talking Board Historical Society Esp.166
September 22, 2019

The Ouija board keepers

Haunted Antique Dealer Kimberly Poeppey Esp. 165
September 15, 2019

Tales from Haunted Antique Dealer Kim Poeppy

Rev. Tim Shaw, Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Reiki master Esp. 164
September 08, 2019

Conversations with Rev. Tim Shaw

Demonologist James Annitto Esp. 163
September 01, 2019

Talking Exorcisms with a real Demonologist

Bigfoots from around the world Esp.162
August 25, 2019

How many names does Bigfoot have?

Crazy about Cryptids Eps. 161
August 18, 2019

Crazy about Cryptids Esp. 161

Dog Lady Island Esp.160
August 11, 2019

Strange tales from Michigan

The Most Famous Ghost Photos Revealed! Eps.159
August 04, 2019

Our pick for the top ghost photos.

Conversations with Pat O'Keeke and Jennifer Proffitt Esp.158
July 28, 2019

Enter the world of psychics and palmists.