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222 Paranormal Podcast

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Sasquatch Triangle Conference Interviews
May 22, 2022

In today's episode, we catch up with some great interviews with local paranormal enthusiasts, who generously shared their experiences with bigfoot and weird happenings from our show in Coshocton, Oh a

Kandi Slater from Riverside Iowa Paranormal
May 08, 2022

Strange and spooky things are happening in Iowa...and all over the world!  This episode we talk to Kandi Slater from Riverside Iowa Paranormal, whose group is expanded branches from the Iowa boarders

Death at a Haunted Mall Eps. 303
April 24, 2022

When you go to the mall to go shopping you expect to see clothing stores, kids hanging out, bustling shoppers and the enviatble mall walkers, but what if your local mall had something different. Somet

Goblins Eps. 302
April 17, 2022

Things that go bump in the night are scary, dark shadows, misty lights, glowing eyes and of course the ever present slighting of a goblin! These tiny yet mysticaly creatures roam the planet barely not

Ghost Solving their own murders Eps. 301
April 10, 2022

We brought you the story of the Greenbriar Ghost, a case where a ghost's testimony solved its own murder, but now the 222 Paranormal Podcast has uncovered more tantizling cases of the dead revealing t

Monsters and LegendDon't forget we like snakcs
March 27, 2022

Ohio is the heart of the nation they say, but it also is the home of some insanely shocking monsters and legends. Quiet sleepy towns keep secret some of the most terrifying creatures you may encounter