222 Paranormal Podcast

222 Paranormal Podcast

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Jason Wilkerson Paranormal Investigator and founder of BLUE Eps. 351
March 26, 2023

haunted locations and experiences

Tarot Cards and Near-Death With Katrina Marie Eps. 350
March 19, 2023

Can the card tell you your future and past, or your afterlife

Ouija Board Stories that will make your board spin Eps.349
March 12, 2023

Can the Ouija board move the room and itself

Indigo Children and Kids Born Psychic or ADHD Eps. 348
March 05, 2023

Star children Rainbow child

Walk Ins and Soul Exchange Eps. 347
February 26, 2023

How many souls do you have?

Phantom Trains, Death on the Rails Eps.346
February 19, 2023

Fire, Steam and mayhem

Are they here? Have you been abducted? Eps. 344
February 05, 2023

UFO talk and what's happening?

Fremont's Haunted Bihl Manor the most haunted house in Ohio Eps. 343
January 29, 2023

The house that's too haunted to live in

Greg Feketik from The Ohio State Reformatory Eps. 342
January 22, 2023

Ghost stories and the upcoming ParaPsyCon