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Growth In Progress

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204: Rejecting Pigeon-Holes & Embracing Our “Ands”
May 15, 2024

We're back and we're reunited IN PERSON for the first time in about 3 years - yes, we're giddy with excitement too. This week is all about wedding dresses, Eurovision, baby reindeer (no, not the TV sh

203: Living By Your Values
May 08, 2024

Having values vs. Living by your values - what's the difference? How does this change over time as we get older, more confident or have more money? We chat about how we feel more able to live by our v

202: Hyper-Productivity Is Counterproductive
May 01, 2024

Charlotte is back from Kos, Helena is settling back into the UK and both of us are fighting colds, so this week felt fitting to discuss how hyperproductivity can actually be counterproductive for our

201: Low Maintenance vs. Low Effort Friendships
April 24, 2024

We're back after our break and after 10 months (!) we are back to recording on the same timezone! - We've got exciting life updates, new recommendations and of course our topic this week which feels v

200(a): Out Of Office
April 03, 2024

Hands up, we forgot to mention we're taking a spring break in last week's episode (we blame the excitement of hitting 200 episodes) so see this as our out of office & update on the newsletter! - You c

200: Having Hobbies for Pure Enjoyment
March 27, 2024

IT'S OUR 200TH EPISODE! - We can't believe we've reached this milestone and to celebrate we're expanding the Growth in Progress community with a free Growth in Progress newsletter coming to you every

199: Can You Be Content and Still Have Ambition?
March 20, 2024

Charlotte's heading to Paris and Helena's just arrived in California but we're both baffled by the Kate Middleton conspiracy theories which are taking over the internet right now! But our topic this w

198: Don’t Let Nostalgia Cloud Your Decision
March 16, 2024

Oh hey, extra episode! No, you haven't gone mad, we had a little *ahem* mishap with uploading so this week you've got the extra episode you should have had last week. Hey, we're all human! - In this e

197: Is Wellness Girly the New Girl Boss?
March 13, 2024

Helena's preparing for a big life shift and Charlotte has been going through family photos from over a century ago! We're covering a topic we're really excited about this week - is the Wellness Girly

196: Staying Consistent & Removing Friction to Make Habits Easier
February 29, 2024

We're both confused about how January was 3 months long but February has only been 3 days long - but we're back with another episode sharing two podcasts we've been loving recently as well as Helena's