Growth In Progress

Growth In Progress

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152: Perseverance and Consistency
February 01, 2023

It's the 1st Feb as you're listening, maybe the momentum of 2023 is dropping, or maybe you're listening later in the year and you're struggling to keep up with goals and intentions you set a few month

151: The Importance Of Gratitude
January 25, 2023

Of all the changes we've made over the past few years (and there's been a lot) creating a habit of practising gratitude has to be the one that's had the biggest difference on our lives. Not only does

150: What Can You Remove to Make Your Life Easier
January 18, 2023

We're into the third week of January and perhaps your motivation towards your new year goals is starting to slip, or maybe you're putting too much on your plate at work, at home, with your family, wha

149: Leaning Into The Season
January 13, 2023

We know the start of a year can feel overwhelming, intimidating and it can be difficult to maintain your motivation. If this time also coincides with winter, like it does for us, then it can be even h

148: What Is Freedom to You?
January 04, 2023

In our first episode of 2023 we want to talk about what freedom means to you. Goal setting is obviously a huge topic around this time of year, but a big motivating factor to consider in setting goals

147: Your Future Self
December 14, 2022

As we come to the end of the year and our last episode of 2022, we wanted to chat about your future self, thinking about what you want your future self to be and taking actions that your future self w

146: Compassionate To Do Lists
December 07, 2022

We love getting organised, tackling our goals and ticking off our to do lists, but with the end of the year fast approaching it can quickly start to feel overwhelming. That's where compassionate to do

145: Scarcity vs Abundance
November 30, 2022

A scarcity mindset is thinking or feeling that there isn't enough to go around and that you're not worthy of success, wealth, health, love or anything positive in your life. We're taught that wanting

144: Protecting Your Energy
November 23, 2022

Protecting your energy sounds like a bit of a 'woo' topic but we've all experienced those people who you spend time with and feel drained afterwards, so this week we're discussing our own responsibili

143: Being Content With Your Choices
November 16, 2022

Everyday we all make thousands of choices. Some are small, simple ones with no lasting impact, others have a far more profound effect on our daily lives. When we think about these bigger decisions it'