Barnuts Podcast

Barnuts Podcast

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Barnuts Podcast #5-Chaos at the Bar
April 08, 2023

A guest from Austin, TX, a new word from the Urban Dictionary, a whole lotta Mai Tais and no Bud Lite.

Barnuts Podcast #4-Slap the Balls
March 25, 2023

We welcomed Alex to the bar for the first time and were joined by Ruben and Deb. Long Beach burlesque, a month in France and the Pennsylvania Turnpike were just some of the things we talked about. F

Barnuts Podcast #3-TikTok Jokes Suck!
March 19, 2023

Happy St. Patricks day everyone. We are serving up TikTok jokes so bad Im banned from telling them, some Urban Dictionary and green beer! Pardon the audio levels for hopefully the last time as we wo