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Barnuts Podcast

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Episode #16 – Dad Jokes Aren’t Funny
January 29, 2024

The wolfpack joined us for some much needed celebration. Heres to new jobs, old jobs, good jobs and blow jobs. We told some stories, shared a few bad dad jokes and as always, finished her off with t

Episode #15 – Dan’s Sea Chanties
December 09, 2023

Southbay Dan and Barfly Brooke showed up for some Sea Chanties and good times. No one was dressed to impress.

Episode #14-Happy Birthday Ya Hoe!
October 22, 2023

After being shut down by the health department and completing some much needed renovations (like a new monkey statue and a sticker on the fridge), we are back at the bar. The Wolf Pack joined us to c

Episode #13B-Booze and Bondage
August 06, 2023

So much to discuss this evening at the bar. First up, big shout out to Von Payne Whiskey. Superfan Ruben had a call from the Founder of the company and now hes in love. Joseph from www.sportsheets.

Episode #12-Dad Jokes, Dilemmas and the Payne
July 12, 2023

Lots of bad dad jokes, some urban dictionary genius, a few random stories and the WolfPack. We thank Von Payne for the swag bag and embarass ourselves one more time.Just some of the guests at the

Episode #11-Two Sailors Walk into a Bar
June 22, 2023

The other half of our sailing crew showed up to continue the Pride Month celebration of all things cisgender and of course we ended up talking about butt stuff. Thats how we roll.

Episode #10-Save Your Pride for the Ride
June 09, 2023

Happy Pride Month bitches! Lots of news to discuss including cars and jobs. Some bad dad jokes, old old movies (that you should watch) and a lil bit of violent sucking. Yeah, its all here and only

Episode #9-Urban Dictionary Gone Wild
June 02, 2023

Apparently no one does any show prep so we were pretty light on stories to tell. That means lots of Urban Dictionary. We touched on drones, the Galactic Experience, teaching parents how to use techn

Barnuts Podcast Episode #8-The Ass Show
May 19, 2023

Lots to talk about this week. Most of the wolfpack was at the bar and these kids had some stories to tell (as did their parents). The Urban Dictionary was on fire and everyone had their thinking hat

Barnuts Podcast Episode #7-Drive-by Butt Laser
April 25, 2023

Talk about chaos! Kirby, Brooke, Alex, Susu and Kass all rolled into the bar half-crocked and they didnt disappoint. Butthole laser, country western stripper pole, the Aztec Death Whistle and the Fr