Everbros: Agency Growth Podcast

Everbros: Agency Growth Podcast

4 Ways to Improve Client Retention | Episode 055

June 16, 2023

**Cold Open (How much would you buy an agency for that did $10k MRR?)**

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We asked the community what they wanted to hear more about and client retention was the top subject. We've covered it a couple of times on this podcast, specifically in episodes 005, 008, and 020, but we've noticed a few things that we didn't cover in those episodes that we see people lacking in the agency community.

In this episode, we wanted to focus on 4 key things to make sure you're doing in order to maximize client retention:

  1. Make sure you're working with the right clients (pre-qualify) - people may want to work with you... but do you want to work with them?
  2. Offer a successful service (You can't sell something vague and you have to have a process for whatever you sell)
  3. Set clear expectations and deliver on them
  4. Accept that on an infinite timeline, all of your clients will leave you

Though these topics may seem obvious, we jump into specific examples that go further into detail on what we mean about each of these.

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