nairobi min(e)d

nairobi min(e)d

Latest Episodes

ep 21: Passe-port aka I wish our father loved us
June 14, 2023

Will I be stuck here foré? Will daddy stop beating us?

ep 20: into the woods
March 28, 2023

quitting, again gnawing feels, this isn't it have to listen to the journey

ep 19: fem danger (t-o-w longbeard)
March 15, 2023

women are carrying a beautiful, but dangerous femininity it puts you in trouble even when you're just trying to go about your day.. In honour of International Women's Day 2023

ep 18: ghost
February 09, 2023

I went away, now I'm back. I still don't know a lot.

ep 17: you don't have to be nice
November 09, 2022

notes about "niceness" to my younger self. mentions of street harassment and nairoberry, the beautiful cruel city.

episode 16: grinding, but so empty
December 02, 2021

In the end, it's just the sheer emptiness that is defeating. I want my time back, all of it..

episode 15: me, I fear Kenyan men 1
November 23, 2021

cases of femicide put the unholy fear in my heart. stay safe.

episode 14: If Immigrants Told No Lies..
November 22, 2021

what a thought!

episode 13: (Kiswahili) Learning to be broke
November 19, 2021

Brokeness 101, lesson muhimu kaNairo. You might need to have a freezer, but then you'd no longer be broke, haha.. (:

episode 12: (Kiswahili) Kenyans are so warm
November 19, 2021

"Kenyans are so friendly!!" I have heard this a lot and living in Kenya I must admit I didn't really understand what I was being told. In other words, kutembea majuu ndio kujua wakenya tunakuaga warm, maisha majuu ni coooold!!