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Why Sales Training Fails
April 12, 2021

Data drives all areas of business, so why shouldn't that apply to sales training? In this episode, Charles and Dan talk about what's wrong with most approaches to sales training and how to better measure results that actually drive sales.

Weaponize Your Content
April 05, 2021

Ever wonder what Win Spectrum would do if they only had one hour to change the trajectory of a company's sales? In this episode, Charles and Dan accept that challenge. They show how a company can "weaponize" their content to make it instant

What is the Win Spectrum?
March 29, 2021

Most organizations specialize in winning a very narrow band of deals that they have built their selling processes around. These are the easy deals with companies most likely to do business with them. Where organizations get stuck is when they build so muc

Why Skills Matter
March 22, 2021

Sales organizations often talk about sales process and methodology, but basic sales skills are often overlooked in their reps, or simply assumed. Without those basic skills, none of the process and methodology will help your bottom line, and you might ins

When Lives Are On The Line
March 15, 2021

When lives are on the line, you don't want a  seller who "attended a seminar." You want someone who has honed their sales skills to perfection. In this episode, Charles and Dan break down some preconceptions about the standard approach to s