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Energy; Stored, Consumed, and Shared
July 04, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we are checking our frequency, measuring our watts, and tapping into our power because we’re talking all about energy. Energy we store, energy we consume, and energy we share.

Respecting Time by Using it Wisely
June 26, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show… We are checking it twice, looking to the horizon, and consulting a trusted advisor as we discuss; a clock, a compass, and a companion. This show is not to scare you with remi

Seeing the In-Between, the Distortion of All-Or-Nothing Thinking
June 19, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we are setting aside our all-or-nothing thinking, taking a second and maybe even a third look, as we strive to see the in-between, somewhere between this and that. Before you

Listening to Your Gut and Following Your Heart
June 13, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we’re turning down the volume of outside influences, past mistakes, and limiting beliefs to turn inward as we listen to our gut and follow our heart. Do you feel pushed, pulle

Riding the Waves of Constant Change
June 06, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we’re focused on finding balance, being flexible, and quick to pivot to secure footing as we strive to ride the ways of constant change. You’ve heard it before, “the only thin

Honoring History and Leaving a Legacy
May 30, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we’re committing to learning from the past, giving honor to the experiences that shaped all of us, and leaning into the legacy we want to leave. We have a tendency to gloss ov

Finding Common Ground, Seeking to Understand
May 22, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we’re going to seek to understand; putting aside our biases, limiting beliefs, and exploring our experiences to find common ground. Initial judgment is tough to overcome since

Confronting Confrontation, Finding Your Voice
May 15, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we are hanging in there, standing tall, and finding our voice as we confront confrontation. Generally, when asked, most people don’t seek out or enjoy confrontation and yet it

Who’s Watching? Taking Personal Responsibility
May 09, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we are stepping up, doing the work, recognizing our role, and taking personal responsibility. Regardless of who’s watching, first and foremost, we’re accountable to ourselves.

Prevailing Perseverance When Your Tank is Empty
May 02, 2023

SHOW NOTES: On this show…we’re going to coast down the decline while we gain momentum for the upcoming hills, pushing it one more mile at a time. Sometimes, quitting is not an option but how do you fi