Mixxed Messages

Mixxed Messages

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We're Back! - S2E1
September 07, 2021

We are back for Season 2! Take a listen as we provide an update on our lives and reflect on how we've grown in our racial analysis in the last few months. Then we mention what you all get to look forw

Season Finale! - S1E14
April 27, 2021

Today we reflect on this past year as we have been confined to our homes, we share what we learned from doing this podcast, and we highlight our most memorable episodes. We thank you for joining us on

Using our Voices - S1E13
April 15, 2021

Elodie Adjibly joins us as we talk about using our voices as black women. She has started her own YouTube project "Let's Talk" and we get to hear how this project originated. We also share how we have

Different Types of Mixed, Part 2 - S1E12
March 31, 2021

Today we have Elba Moise joining us to talk about her experience as a mixed Latina and Black person. She shares how she has come to accept both races and how she empowers others to lean into and refle

Different Types of Mixed, Part 1 - S1E11
March 18, 2021

Today we have our newest cousin-in-law Abaigh Bowen Vickers joining us. She tells us about her experience being a white-presenting mixed Native woman. We also share how certain people and aspects of o

Black History Month - S1E10
March 02, 2021

Join us as we welcome our cousin Kimberlee Archie on the show. We talk about her experience having family members who are mixed, and what Black History Month means to each of us. Resources: The Mis-Ed

Dating while Mixed - S1E9
February 16, 2021

Today we discuss our experiences with dating as mixed black woman; we talk about some of the challenges we have faced, as well as the healthy aspects of our past and present relationships. Resources m

White Moms, Mixed Babies, Part 1 - S1E8
February 02, 2021

Today we have our wonderful mother Dena Baldwin join us as she talks about her experience as a white woman before having kids and after. Resources: The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett; and Raising R

In Honor of MLK Day - S1E7
January 19, 2021

We welcome our guest Kelli as she talks about her experience growing up as a mixed black woman and becoming a socialist. We also chat a little about Dr. MLK Jr. and his work during the last years of h

Hardships and Gratitude - S1E6
January 05, 2021

Today its just us as we recognize the hardships of 2020 as well as black joy. Then we get a little vulnerable as we each talk about a year in our past that brought hardships, moments of growth and gra