Mixxed Messages

Mixxed Messages

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Playing Sports While Mixed - S2Ep11
March 01, 2022

Today, my colleague Teddy Wingo joins us to talk Sports While Being Mixed. We chat about what sports we played and why, and who some of our favorite athletes are.

Mixxed Movies - S2Ep10
February 15, 2022

For this episode, Kaileah and I talk about mixedness in movies and shows. We mention the movies where we see mixed main character(s). We also talk about other characters that we relate to and why.

Mixxed Parenting - S2Ep9
February 01, 2022

Join us today as we chat with Dom Harris, who shares his experience as a mixed Black man. He also talks about what it's like to be a parent to mixed children, and the joys of raising his kids.

Big Sister Interview - S2Ep8
January 18, 2022

We are back after the holiday break! Join us as Kai asks her older sister (me) some meaningful questions about core values, pursuing relationships after a heart break, dealing with the negative things

Professionalism - S2Ep7
December 07, 2021

Today we have my coworker Elli Pippin joining us to talk about professionalism. We share what that words means to each of us and how they may differ from societal norms. Resources: The Memo: What Wome

Life Balance - S2E6
November 23, 2021

Today we chat about our experience with life balance. Kai provides a good definition of what that means to her and we share our struggles, our successes, and who we admire that demonstrates good life

Grief - S2E5
November 09, 2021

Join us as we talk about our experiences with grief. Our guest for this discussion is our friend Lizzy Ashley. Unfortunately, the auto got cut off after 45 minutes, but we were still able to record a

Traveling While Mixed - S2E4
October 26, 2021

We recorded this right after we came back from our road trip to Salt Lake City, UT. We talk about our experiences with traveling domestically and internationally. We also share how we navigate travel

Growth - S2E3
October 06, 2021

Our cousin Kory Twaites join us to talk about the personal growth he has experienced in his life. We reflect on our most/best moments of growth and the people who helped us through those times. Resour

Yes Dad, Yes Coach - S2E2
September 21, 2021

Today we had our dad Dwayne Baldwin as our guest. We relieved the days when he coached us in basketball and softball, and talked about some of our most memorable athletic moments (both the good and th